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Military spouse finds calling making Disney dreams come true for families

After graduating from the College of Disney Knowledge, military spouse Kimberley Woeldike is now living her dream as a Disney-focused travel consultant.

Woeldike, a military spouse of 15 years, landed her dream job l2 years ago with Pure Magic Vacations. She is trained to book all sorts of vacations for her clients since Pure Magic Vacations is an Earmarked travel company, but as a Disney-authorized vacation planner, her real passion is planning unforgettable magical vacations.

“Our main focus is Disney, and that’s our real passion,” said Woeldike.

Woeldike had been fascinated with the world of Disney from a young age.

“I’ve always loved Disney, always. As a little girl I always wanted to go but I never had the opportunity,” recalled Woeldike.

After settling down and starting a family, Woeldike and her husband saved up so she could give her children the unforgettable childhood experience she never had. Then, on Christmas Day 2012, Woeldike and her husband surprised the family with a trip to the Walt Disney World.

“I spent countless hours researching and I bought books on Disney and read all the books,” remembered Woeldike.

After her first visit to Disney, Woeldike “got addicted” to the magical world and began planning a trip for the following year. Thanks to all her research and enthusiasm, Woeldike became a go-to person for Disney-related advice for her friends and family and coincidentally planned many vacations for them.

As fate would have it, the military spouse was connected to her now-boss through social media after she posted about Disney World.

After officially getting the job last year with Pure Magic Vacations, Woeldike got an up close and personal look at Disney like never before going on tours around the Walt Disney World Resort and sailing on the Disney Dream cruise ship as part of her training.

With a Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) certification in hand, Woeldike helps plan vacations for her clients from across the country.

She relies on word-of-mouth and social media to attract clients, many of whom are military families.

Woeldike makes it her priority to shop around for her clients and find the best deals and discounts specific to military families.

“Everybody wants to book their trips online now because they think they are saving money, but what people don’t realize is that travel agents’ commission is built-in to the price already. So, whether you are booking with an agent or not, you’re still paying the commission. So why wouldn’t you go with an agent especially a TICO certified one at that,” explained Woeldike.

With an in-depth knowledge of Disney World and all its associated theme parks and resorts, Woeldike can provide expertise and tips to her clients that they might not otherwise know.

“There’s so much to know so why not use someone who can help you and guide you.

“You always have one person to talk to, and if something goes wrong you talk to that one person, and they deal with the problems and issues that come up,” said Woeldike.

Sharing her expertise to plan other families’ dream vacations is a dream come true in itself for Woeldike.

“When they come back and show the pictures, just to see how much fun they’re all having and just knowing you’re helping them to make those memories, it’s really special,” said Woeldike.

To make your Disney wishes come true, contact Kimberley Woeldike by emailing her at [email protected], calling her at 519-377-5315 or connect with her through Facebook .


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