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Military Brat Competes in Miss Teenage Canada

Military brat Dana Fraser is honoured to be representing the Shilo military community in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant on August 9 in Toronto.

“As a military child I have lived in Edmonton Alberta, a small town named Geary in New Brunswick, and I am currently living in Shilo Manitoba. I attribute my success, winning the Miss Teen Shilo Pageant, to my ability to adapt and react when placed in new situations, or asked questions,” Fraser said.

Dana is the daughter of a military member, Sergeant Devin Fraser currently with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta and is the eldest of three girls.

Fraser believes being a military child has helped her tremendously in the provincial competition, because she knows how to communicate with new people from different backgrounds, and find ways to relate to them.

She has been actively involved in Cadets Canada and enjoys other adventurous activities like camping and biking. Through cadet training, Dana gained skills in leadership and has developed an appreciation for serving her community. In fact, she received the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for community service.

Fraser strives to do her best in her classes and has a passion for learning; specifically in the area of science. She wishes to study in the medical field one day using her skills to help others.

As the winner of the Miss Teen Shilo competition for 2015 Fraser had a choice to accept the accolades and carry on with everyday life or try to take her pageant career one step farther.

“I decided to compete in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant because I wanted to represent military children on a larger scale and raise awareness of invisible illnesses associated with the military lifestyle,” said Fraser.

Dana’s immediate goal is to bring back the title of Miss Teenaged Canada to Shilo, and use the opportunities given with the title to raise awareness of mental health issues in military children.

“I would also like to further aid the Natasha’s Wood Foundation; working together I hope to make a big impact on kids like me during my potential reign as Miss Teenage Canada,” said Fraser.

Taking place at the famed Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the mission of the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant is to give every Canadian teenage girl the chance to step up into the spotlight and show the world her own kind of beautiful. Their commitment is to set the highest standards of competition versus other pageant systems.

Organizers want to make sure that every girl who enters the contest has the opportunity to learn, grow, challenge themselves, and engage with a higher purpose for a chance to express her individuality, transform and realize her true potential, represent her country and take an active role in her community.

To learn more about the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant and to follow Dana’s progress please visit their website.

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