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Kijiji Introduces Veteran-Friendly Job Ads

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veterans and employers across the country are now able to filter Kijiji Job Ads as Veteran-Friendly.

As Canada’s largest job search site with 1.6 million monthly visitors, Kijiji is in a unique position to help the country’s veterans.

“Our hope is that Kijiji’s Veteran-Friendly Job Designation will create more opportunities for employers and veterans to connect. Military veterans are highly skilled, hardworking and are great leaders, but re-entering the workforce can be difficult since potential employers often overlook the skills they have to offer,” said Chris Harris, Head of Real Estate & Jobs, Kijiji Canada.

Harris explained Kijiji was approached by a group of veterans with an idea to update the jobs section of the site to include a special designation for employers seeking veterans for their unique qualifications.

The Veteran-Friendly Job Designation launched on Kijiji on June 17. The designation is appropriately symbolized on Kijiji with a yellow Support Our Troops ribbon, empowering employers to mark clearly job opportunities suited for ex-military while helping veterans easily find postings by veteran-friendly employers.

Employers looking for skilled workers and great leaders can post a job on using the Veteran-Friendly symbol. Veterans looking for work can visit to find jobs listed by employers looking for highly skilled veterans.

“We work with many Canadian employers who recognize the value in tapping into the skills and talents of veterans. Employers we have worked with who have hired veterans in the past list strong leadership abilities, dedication, and hard-work as things the country’s ex-military bring to the table – all valuable characteristics of a potential employee,” said Harris.

Job seekers should know that employers may require proof of military service by requesting a copy of a Member’s Personal Record Resume (MPRR) or veterans photo ID if the member served 10 years or more.

By choosing to identify their Kijiji Job Ad as suitable for veterans, the employer is supportive of a veterans service with the CAF. However, vets still have to convince employers the qualities and skills they possess make them the strongest candidate for a job. Vets will need to focus on pitching all the skills that the employer requires, not only their service record.

Civilians are also able to apply for all positions, so veterans are encouraged to self-identify when applying for jobs.

“Don’t be reluctant to promote yourself because you’re in competition for these jobs. Follow up with the employer if they have provided contact information and try to get a face-to-face meeting,” recommended Harris.

Kijiji is Canada’s largest job search site. The Veteran-Friendly designation was launched recently, so the company is still collecting feedback from veterans and employers. To-date, Kijiji has more than 1,700 job postings online and expect the new initiative to be very well received.

Job seekers and employers can find more information on their website.

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