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The Book with No Pictures…just giggles

I am sure I have mentioned this book before, but after a recent conversation, I feel I have to mention it again. The Book with No Pictures has to be one of the most fun read-aloud picture books – though it doesn’t really have any pictures to speak of – that I have come across in a while. 

The Book with No Pictures is a huge hit with the – roughly – 5 to 8-year-old crew. They have the perfect level of silliness to really love the ridiculous text in this book. I just had a conversation with a parent the other day about how reading this book was the first time their child had full on belly laughs from a book. 

My own children would often giggle through the story, even after repeated readings. One of their favourite activities after getting the book was to get unsuspecting visitors to read it to them. That’s just fun for everyone around. 

One Christmas, I gave The Book with No Pictures to my niece, and my sister later informed me (with equal parts annoyance and amusement) that her daughter required everyone who entered their house to read the book. And there are many more stories like this when it comes to The Book with No Pictures.

There are many studies out there showing the value and the impact of reading to your children, from building pre-literacy skills to quality time with loved ones. Even reading the same story over and over (and over and over) to your young child can have many positive impacts on their learning. Even when your child is old enough to read on their own, it’s still important for parents and loved ones to read to them. This book is a great choice for spending quality reading time with the kids in your life.

So, there’s a reason I am mentioning the benefits of reading to your children. I’ll be honest and tell you why – you’re going to sound ridiculous when you read this book. That’s the whole point, and you’re child will love it. Just remember, when you are reading the book for the 10th time (and silently cursing me in your mind), all the wonderful benefits of reading to your child.

Happy Reading!


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