Spotlight on the CMFMag E-zine

In the spring of 2013, the team at the Canadian Military Family Magazine launched the weekly round-up of website articles neatly packaged in a newsletter, our E-zine.

2013 Version of the E-zine

November 2019 design of the E-zine. We’ve come a long way!

We have come a long way since 2013!

    Constantly evolving with our readership

    We listen to our readers. In today’s society, our readers want straight forward, easy to read articles and advertising. You will not find “click-bait” or fake news in our magazine, website or e-zine.

    We gauge the success of our E-zine by our stats. We consistently outperform our industry averages in send rate, open rate, click-through rate and bounce rate.

    CMF Ezine vs. Industry Average: 

    Perks for our advertising partners

    The Ezine is our most customizable adverting option available.  As the e-zine is published every week, our partners can choose which week(s) they would like to run their ads, provide updated graphics, and have the ad linked directly to the webpage or landing page of their choice.

    Not only for businesses! Researchers and Non-Profile Groups Welcome!

    We know that marketing budgets are often limited for members of our academic and not-for-profit communities. With weekly ads costing only $100 for a Box ad, or $200 for a banner ad, the e-zine offers an optimal ROI.

    Add the CMFMag E-zine to your marketing campaign

    Interested in adverting in the Canadian Military Family Magazine, or the newly launched CMFDirectory? Ask about our advertising specials that include the e-zine at a discounted price!


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