Entrepreneur and Seeking Tax Help? Free Webinar to Help

It’s tax time. Yikes!

Where do you even begin to get organized? This time of year can be quite overwhelming for small business owners. There is so much to get organized, and you’re not entirely confident about what you can claim.

Military Veteran and Owner of People Can, Debbie Adams, understands where small businesses are coming from. That’s why she has put together this program.

Join her for this live online workshop, where she will share her strategy for blocking out time to get organized. Get those receipts out of the console of your vehicle and in the place where they belong.

She will show you how to use time blocking to avoid feeling overwhelmed and tips and tricks that she uses to stay on track.

She will also share handouts to participants to get organized and answer all of the tax questions about what you can expense in your business. Sound good? Click the this here to register.

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