Family Friendly Halloween Shows

With sweater weather finally here, what better way to celebrate fall and Halloween than by cozying up with your family around the sofa? So this weekend, enjoy timeless Halloween and fall TV shows and movies for a festive night that everyone can enjoy.

If you Give a Mouse a Pumpkin | Prime Video

Just like the beloved storybooks this show is based on, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie follows the adventures of Mouse and friends. A special episode was released in season two for Halloween, entitled If you Give a Mouse a Pumpkin. In this episode, Mouse and his friends must go on a quest to round up robotic ghosts that have gotten loose, a task that is just as scary as it sounds.

Halloween of Car City | Prime Video 

Another classic children’s cartoon brings Halloween to life this season, full of scary and spooktacular adventures. Whether it’s watching the Car Patrol catch a ghost, DIY Halloween costume making, visiting the Dia de Los Muertos parade, pumpkin picking, or trick or treating, there are plenty of episodes to celebrate this time of the year.

The Dancing Pumpkin and the Ogre’s Plot | Prime Video

A Halloween movie that’s family-friendly, The Dancing Pumpkin and the Ogre’s Plot is about a group of Halloween pumpkins that save the world from monsters. After receiving news of an evil plot of an ogre named Finkgrinder. It is up to the pumpkins to go on a special mission, led by Dancing Pumpkin, to save the world from Finkgrinder.

Just Beyond | Disney+

Based on the graphic novels of the same name by R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps, Just Beyond is a horror comedy show for teenagers. From witches to monsters to spirits and horrifying beauty apps, the show covers all in the world of spooky horror for teens.

The Addams Family |  Netflix

The Addams Family has made its place in history as a timeless Halloween classic. Balancing comedy and horror effectively, the movie is based on a 1960s television show. It follows the quirky, frightening, yet somehow relatable Addams Family and their day-to-day life at their infamous mansion.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown | Apple+

Another timeless classic that has weaved its way into the hearts of children for generations, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown follows all the cartoon’s beloved characters as they prepare for and celebrate Halloween. The group picks a pumpkin, dresses up in costumes, goes trick or treating, and experiences a misadventure in the pumpkin patch.


Beetlejuice |  Crave

Another family-friendly Halloween movie that has stood the test of time, Beetlejuice is an iconic film directed by Tim Burton. A deceased ghost couple feels haunted after an annoying family moves into their home. The solution? To hire, Beetlejuice the malicious spirit to drive them away. 

Halloween Baby Shark and Spooky Kids Songs | Prime Video 

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to dance it out with your younger ones? Luckily, Prime offers a collection of spooky yet educational kids rhymes and songs. Your child’s new favourite songs could include: Spooky Baby Shark, It’s Halloween Night, and Monster Dance Party. 

Autumn Dreams | Prime Video

For the moms out there, if you’re in the mood to enjoy a light romantic comedy that celebrates the season, look no further than Autumn Dreams. The movie revolves around Annie and Ben, who discover that a chance mistake means the two are still married years after they thought they had annulled their spontaneous marriage.

Under the Autumn Moon | Prime Video 

Another light, romantic comedy that also celebrates the great outdoors, Under the Autumn Moon, is the story of Alex, who is scouting a ranch for the adventure company she works for when she falls for both the ranch owner and the beautiful outdoors.

October Kiss | Prime Video

A step away from the typical Halloween slasher film, October Kiss is a feel-good, romantic movie about a woman who begins nannying for a widower with two kids. Sparks fly as Halloween brings this unlikely pair together.

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