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Because whoever heard of working like a cat

For thousands of years, dogs have had an intrinsic role in the lives of humans. After all, they aren’t our best friends for nothing.

Considering how for centuries dogs have provided a helping hand in various industries of work, from farming to policing to protection, it only makes sense that a day is designated when people can bring their dogs to work. And this year that day happens to be tomorrow, Friday, June 23.

Take Your Dog to Work Day, an initiative of Pet Sitters International (PSI), has been celebrated in parts of the world since 1999. The day is aimed at not only celebrating dogs as loyal companions but encouraging the adoption of dogs.

PSI believed that by holding events, typically on the Friday after every Father’s Day, people could witness the incredible bond their co-workers have with their dogs and want to adopt as well.

An estimated 300 businesses took part in the inaugural celebration, and now thousands of people across the world take part in Take Your Dog To Work Day.

Not only is Take Your Dog to Work Day a way to celebrate your furry friends, but it’s also an excellent way to reduce stress at the work place. According to publications from the Harvard Medical School, studies going back to the early 1980s show that dogs, and other pets, have all sorts of health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving recover from heart disease and improving a person’s overall wellbeing.
Having a dog around can also help people to relax in an otherwise stressful work environment.

So for all that and more, taking your dog to work tomorrow is a must that will only make Friday that much better.

If you plan on taking part in Take Your Dog to Work Day, here are some tips PSI suggests:

Make sure first to check if your work place will allow you to bring your canine friends and if your coworkers are okay with it. Someone from your office could be allergic.
Before bringing your dog in, make sure to dog-proof the office. Cover or hide any wires and chords and remove any toxic or hazardous office supplies.
Dress your dog to impress. Make sure he or she is cleaned and groomed beforehand to make a stellar first impression. Also remember, if your dog is particularly aggressive or overly shy it might be a good idea to skip out on Take Your Dog to Work Day.
Pack a doggie bag full of treats, leashes, toys, water, clean up bags and paper towels. It might also be a good idea to bring along a crate, just in case.
Plan out food timings, bathroom breaks and walks not only to fit around your schedule but also to not leave your dog wanting of anything.
Be sure to have an exit strategy in case the day goes wrong. But no matter what, do not leave your puppy in the car.
Enjoy and have fun!


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