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Flying Solo This Valentine’s Day?

Military spouses know all about how difficult spending a holiday apart from your significant other can be, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

But there are many creative ways to stay connected with your loved one and beat the blues of being alone on Valentine’s Day.

Schedule a date night via Skype

You don’t have to be in the room to make the most out of Valentine’s Day. If it’s not a security concern, Skype is a perfect way to plan out a date, even when you’re separated by hundreds of kilometres. Plan your Skype date around a meal time, eat together and be sure to get dressed up.

Go old school

Gone are the days when people actually sat down, took pen to paper and wrote a letter. In today’s world, with texting and social media, taking the time out to sit down to write a letter to a loved one really shows how special your partner is to you. Writing a letter is especially a great idea when your loved one is in a location they can’t be easily contacted at.

“Morale Mail is a wonderful way to connect though it takes some planning to ensure things are received on time, setting aside a moment every day to reflect on your loved one can help feel closer. Pictures displayed, a calendar showing a count-down to their return can make you feel like you are moving in the right direction,” suggests Ruth Stanley-Aikens, Prevention, Support and Intervention Team Manager at the MFRC-NCR.

Have your own Valentine’s Day

“There is room for Valentine’s Day sentiments every day in a relationship, it doesn’t just have to be February 14th,” said Stanley-Aikens.

Why not postpone your Valentine’s Day this year until your significant other returns? This will give you both something extra to look forward to, and absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Have a Girl’s Night

Chances are you aren’t the only one with a deployed partner. So, if you’re feeling especially lonely get together a group of military spouses in a similar boat and have a girl’s night in, or out.

“Connect with friends who are experiencing similar things, treat yourself – whether it’s no-cost walk, a nice chocolate heart, connecting with family and friends who love you, or planning a special family meal or activity to honour the day can help,” noted Stanley-Aikens.

Take some me time

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, it’s not always easy to take out some quality alone time. If your partner’s deployed this Valentine’s Day, take the opportunity for some self-love. Get in your favourite pajamas and have a Rom Com marathon, catch up on a book you’ve been meaning to read or relax with a bubble bath and glass of wine.

No matter which way you chose to spend Valentine’s Day this year, just remember that love comes in all different forms, and it’s okay to reach out to friends and family.

“Connect with people who love you, especially your partner, if possible. However, parents, family, friends, are people who love you. Let them know what you need, a call, a kind word, connecting (if they are nearby) for a coffee will help as you move through the day,” said Stanley-Aikens.

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