Second World War record heading home to family 75 years after being recorded 

Recently, we put a call out to anyone who may have information on a World War II-era Pepsi-Cola record from a soldier stationed in Chatham, NB. 

Twenty years ago, Tara McLeod found the recording by a dumpster near her apartment building in Burnaby, BC.

The record was sent by W.E. McIntyre to Miss K. Byers of Hamilton Ontario. It appeared that Miss K. Byers’ name had been scratched out and below it, in even more faded ink there seems to be another name, possibly Mrs W.E. McIntyre. 

Recently, the Canadian Military Family Magazine was contacted by Linda Thomas (nee McIntyre). Thomas had been made aware of the recording by Pam Wong, a genealogy enthusiast. 

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Thomas’s uncle was William Edward McIntyre, and he was in the Air Force during the Second World War. His wife, Kathleen (nee Byers), lived on Jackson Street W in Hamilton, ON.

“[William Edward McIntyre] was unable to fly due to his eyes or ears. I haven’t looked into his military background yet. This was told to me by my dad, Stewart William McIntyre, his younger brother. It would make sense that he would be involved in a school,” said Linda Thomas.

William Edward McIntyre and his wife, Kathleen lived in Burnaby, BC. After McIntyre passed away due to pancreatic cancer, Kathleen moved to Coquitlam, BC. She has since passed away.

As Pam Wong was already heading on a trip to British Columbia, she arranged to meet with Tara McLeod in order to pick up the recording and deliver it back to Linda Thomas. 

“Thanks to Tara, we have a 75-year-old love story… she saw the importance and, as it often happens, waited for just the right time to start her search,” said Wong.

Wong is now back in Ontario, and later this month will be meeting with Linda Thomas in order to give her the recording. 

“Our plan is to share our documents and do a little work on their family tree on Ancestry, but mainly to share genealogy stories and this great venture,” said Pam Wong.

Keep following us for more updates on this story that has taken decades to unfold. 


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