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Road Move between CFB Kingston and CFB Borden today

Above image, A convoy of military vehicles enters Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden on April 6, 2020 in anticipation of supporting Operation LASER, the Canadian Armed Forces initiative to combat COVID-19. Aviator Dustin J. LeVasseur Pearce, Canadian Armed Forces. Image courtesy of Canadian Armed Forces.

Today a large number of military vehicles will be travelling between CFB Kingston and CFB Borden.

The military personnel are beginning an exercise in support of Operation Laser today.

“Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members from the Canadian Forces Joint Operational Support Group (CFJOSG) will conduct a road move from CFB Kingston to CFB Borden. In Borden, the members will establish a Relocatable Temporary Camp (RTC) to exercise their ability to rapidly assemble a temporary camp capable of housing 250 people in a pandemic setting,” stated the press release.

The press release also noted that the vehicles would be carrying tent-age generators, ablutions, cots/furniture, and kitchens.

“Drivers and pedestrians are asked to remain patient and show their support to the troops on the road as our soldiers make their way to Borden.”

The vehicles will be travelling along the Highway 401 and Highway 400 to get to CFB Borden.

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