Joint statement released regarding Vice Admiral Norman

Vice Admiral Mark Norman will retire from the military after reaching a confidential agreement with the Government of Canada.

The announcement was in a press release from Canadian Armed Forces The news comes after Norman, who was accused of leaking confidential information in relation to a shipbuilding deal, was stayed by the prosecution last month, with an apology from the House of Commons.

The joint statement by the Government of Canada and VAdm Mark Norman was released Wednesday stating the following, “With the assistance of the Honourable Warren Winkler, former Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, counsel for both the Government of Canada and VAdm Mark Norman have concluded discussions, held in good faith, which have resulted in a mutually acceptable agreement, the details of which will remain confidential.

“Vice Admiral Norman remains committed to the Navy, the Canadian Armed Forces and their mission. However, after consulting with his family, his chain of command, and his counsel, VAdm Norman has decided to retire from the Canadian Armed Forces.

“Both parties believe that this resolution will return focus to the critical work of the Canadian Forces, which is the protection of all Canadians.

“The Government of Canada thanks VAdm Norman for his 38 years of dedicated service, and wishes him well in all of his future endeavours.”

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