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Scales of Marriage

There has been some discussion as to whether I have been presenting a realistic depiction of my marriage through Ted and Janie. Apparently, it can be argued that I only share the ridiculous (and therefore humorous) antics of the male occupations of this house, canines included. (Canines who, at the moment, are still on lockdown as a result of the great Baby-Gate Breach and subsequent Garbage Rampage of July 2013.) And, after looking back over some of my previous cartoons, one could argue that there has been a biased approach to my drawings.

(I will say this: he knowingly and willingly lives with a person who has access to drawing tools and the internet. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fair game.)

In an effort to balance the Scales of Marriage, though, I will publicly admit to the following:

  1. Despite having completed a university-level education, I once asked my husband and his friends, “So, Bosnia is next to Russia, right?” (Though I did get bonus points for knowing who the Serbs were.)
  2. While driving past an elementary school, I asked my husband if planes were allowed to fly so low within city limits, only to be informed that it was a model airplane.
  3. I can list every character from the Twilight series and yet, if you asked who my local MLA was, I couldn’t tell you. I’m not even 100% sure what an MLA does.
  4. I’ve dislocated my shoulder a grand total of five times, because of such activities such as putting on a shirt and pretending to be a fairy. (Which, you know, isn’t embarrassing at all to explain to a doctor.)
  5. My best friend, Jill, and I once spent a total of two months, five email correspondences and numerous text messages compiling a list of actors over thirty who were still attractive. The end result contained more asterisks and fine print than most cell phone bills, and effectively proved that, for all my complaining about the downfall of society, I am part of the problem.


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