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Petro Canada CF gas incentive




Canada’s Gas Station, Petro-Canada, is now offering a sizeable discount to the military community at pumps coast to coast. CF Community members can now save three cents off a litre per 100 litres every month.

“I think it’s a terrific program. The fact that they’re willing to offer this discount at every single pump that they have across Canada is very generous, and it is making a difference in the lives of the Canadian Forces community. It’s putting money back into their pockets and as Canada’s petroleum station they are leaders in offering such an incredible discount on a national basis and not restricting it in any way. Every single CFOne card holder at every single Petro-Canada pump is eligible,” said Raewen Pappas, Partnership Development Coordinator for Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.

To qualify, military community members need a CFOne card to receive the Preferred Price card. If a member already has a CFOne Card they can complete registration on the Petro Canada website. A link to the website is available on CF Appreciation’s website. Cards will be received within ten business days.

The military community is also eligible for the Petro-Points Card and upon applying automatically receives 10,000 points, equivalent to a car wash.

The Petro-Points Card and the Preferred Price card can be swiped at the pump for savings at any location across the country and at North Atlantic Petroleum locations in Newfoundland and Labrador. The savings are not restricted to any specific type of petroleum, customers can fill up on either diesel or regular petroleum.

Every month Petro-Canada will automatically top off the card back to 100 litres. Unused fuel savings do not accumulate in the following months.

The program is a first of its kind exclusive to the military community.

“As a Canadian company we are fiercely proud of our position in the Canadian marketplace and we see ourselves as a leader there. One of our big goals is to connect to Canadian families and Canadian fabric from coast to coast and support at the community level wherever we can…we’re very, very proud of the program. We’re proud of the fact that we as Canada’s gas station are able to connect with what is obviously an important part of the Canadian fabric, and we’re proud to support Canadian Armed Forces initiative,” said Mel Broten, vice president, sales, service, and operations for Suncor.

Pappas estimates that with 150,000 CFOne Cards the total amount of savings for the military community can be close to $900,000.

“It’s much appreciated, and I know it’s making a difference in the lives of the military because we hear from them every day about how thankful and excited they are to have a national company recognize the sacrifices they make on a daily basis. It’s really heartwarming,” noted Pappas.

Prior to launching the program nationwide, the company held a pilot program in Kingston for three months to see if there was sufficient interest. Broten was inspired to start the program after witnessing the support American companies give to their servicemen and women.

“It struck me then that we are the Canadian company with kind of the number one position here, and I thought we should be stepping into that space in Canada,” explained Broten.

To apply for a CFOne card or find the link to Petro Canada’s Preferred Points card program visit CF Appreciation website

To obtain a Preferred Points card visit their website.


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