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The power of sports: over 50 sports and activity camps offer military personnel the opportunity to heal

Since its inception in 2007, Soldier On has assisted more than 2,200 Canadian soldiers in landing on their feet after receiving an illness or an injury, due to their service, through the power of sport.

Soldier On hosts more than 50 different sporting and activity camps across the country, and abroad, to support these soldiers.

“The intent of these is to motivate and inspire ill and injured members, doesn’t matter if it’s physical or mental health related, doesn’t matter if they’re serving or retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). We do these camps to get them back into adjusting to the “new normal,” to realizing yes, they’ve gone through a significant illness or injury; however, life is not over, there are lots that can be done and there are lots of opportunities,” said Jay Feyko, Senior Manager, Soldier On.

There are a number of camps scheduled for the remainder of the year for Canada’s soldiers and veterans.

These various camps are more than just healing through sport, they help veterans and soldiers make powerful bonds, according to Feyko.

“It gives them that connection with other ill and injured members, to realize that they’re not alone and the challenges aren’t just with them. They can connect with other people who have those challenges as well,” added Feyko.

The camps vary in type from fly fishing, to ice hockey to yoga.

Just some of the camps scheduled for the remainder of summer and early fall include a water sports/activities camp in Lac-Brome, QC; Victoria Golf Day in Victoria, BC; Shilo Golf Day at CFB Shilo; Ontario Fly Fishing; and much more.

However, Soldier On’s support extends beyond just one camp or one trip.

“The support doesn’t end there. That’s supposed to inspire and motivate the ill and injured. The key to, and the main effort, of Soldier On is how do we sustain the long term goal? How can we set them up for success for the rest of their life to remain active?” noted Feyko.

That is why Soldier On offers grants to off-set the cost of buying equipment needed to carry on a particular sport or hobby well-after attending a camp.

For a complete list of Soldier On’s upcoming events or to register click here .


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