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Marijuana for Trauma expands its branches

The rapidly growing cannabis distributor and PTSD healing centre, Marijuana for Trauma (MFT), recently opened its newest chapter in Petawawa, ON. Launched in the second week of January, the Petawawa branch has already welcomed dozens of new patients.

“I’m excited that another combat base in Canada has options for those that are getting medically released from the Canadian Forces. I’m overwhelmed and grateful but we have much more work to do,” said Fabian Henry, President and founder of MFT.

The MFT facility offers military members of Petawawa an alternate method of healing PTSD through cannabis, peer support, veteran affair entitlement assistance and even spousal support.

“It’s more than just the cannabis, that’s just treating the symptom that doesn’t cure anything. We need to be following a holistic approach, that is our MFT mandate. We feel holistic healing is best for PTSD, not your traditional pharmaceutical therapy,” noted Henry.

Obtaining cannabis and getting stabilized on the medication is the first phase of the program. Henry hopes the Petawawa location can grow and expand to a larger location to become a full-service facility in the near future.

Opening the branch in Petawawa was a “natural choice” for Henry with a growing demand in the area. After opening its first location near CFB Gagetown, MFT has focused on opening in locations near combat bases.

“Petawawa was my second choice because of the high volume of PTSD and increasing rate of suicides, we’ve surpassed the death toll from Afghanistan, and the medication we’re providing reduces that increase,” said Henry.

However, MFT has been faced with the challenges of combating the stigma associated with the use of marijuana.

“I’m not sticking it in anybody’s face. I’m just going where the need is for our group…Yes, maybe you don’t like what we’re doing, but the individual going through our program is a beautiful human being. They find their soul again, and they get back on track,” noted Henry.

Henry is adamant; however, that MFT does not push the treatment on anyone and is just there to provide an alternate treatment option for those living with PTSD.

MFT plans to open more branches across the country this year in cities like Brandon, MB; Edmonton, AB; Victoria, BC; Prince Edward Island; Quebec and Halifax, NS.

“It’s an aggressive approach, but if we don’t take that approach, and someone else takes their life then I feel like we’re not doing our job fast enough,” said Henry.

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