4th Canadian Division on Road to High Readiness

This year, the 4th Canadian Division will assume responsibility for training soldiers to be able to support operations at home and abroad on short notice during the Road to High Readiness (RTHTR) exercises.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) uses a three-year cycle that rotates throughout the Army Divisions, which is completed in three distinct phases.

Step one: Each unit is required to implement individual decentralized training exercises in order to receive validation in their respective fields of expertise;

Step two: Exercise UNIFIED RESOLVE I, II, and III involves professional development sessions, including lectures and computer-assisted exercises. These exercises are directed towards the staff and the commanders of the various headquarters throughout the 4 Cdn Div.

Step three: The first two phases of training culminate in two high-intensity exercises at Canadian Forces Base Wainwright, Alberta, in spring 2020: Exercises SHARPENED TOMAHAWK and MAPLE RESOLVE. Soldiers head to Wainwright to train in live and simulated scenarios over a period of several weeks, in an austere environment and under various weather conditions.

“The Road to High Readiness is a training concept designed to provide soldiers with the training and equipment necessary to support the Government of Canada’s United Nations and NATO commitments overseas, as well as Domestic Operations. It ensures soldiers are ready to deploy on national and international operations that are both planned and unexpected. By completing the Road to High Readiness training program, they maintain a high level of proficiency and readiness in a changing security environment,” says Brigadier-General Conrad J.J. Malkowski, Commander of the 4th Canadian Division and Joint Task Force Central.

Each Division gets the opportunity to experience all three phases of RTHR. Last year, the 3 Cdn Div. was in the same position getting ready to deploy, and the 2nd Cdn Div. will be in the position next year.

RTHR is not exclusively for Regular Force Members, but Regular Force, Reserve Force, Canadian Rangers, and Civilians as one team to do their part to achieve operational excellence at home and abroad.

Once training is complete, the 4th Canadian Division will assume responsibility providing soldiers to three international deployments in 2020 and 2021 on Op REASSURANCE in Europe, Op UNIFIER in Ukraine, and Op IMPACT in Iraq.

It is important to note for family members; this can be a hectic time. If you require help, reach out to your local Military Family Resource Centre or call the Family Information Line, or a third option is the Member and Family Assistance Line.

For more information about Road to High Readiness and the 4th Canadian Division, visit here.

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