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Are You Game? RCAF Game Force is Bringing ESports and Gaming to the CAF

Wait… The RCAF has an esports and gaming program?! Yes! The first of its kind for the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCAF Centennial Team is proud to launch RCAF Game Force – a series of esports and gaming tournaments. Open to the Canadian public, participants will have the opportunity to connect and compete with RCAF and CAF members both here at home and abroad.

Moderate gaming can be a positive way to connect with others and create a virtual community, while action games can enhance the ability to learn new cognitive tasks. RCAF Game Force tournaments provide a forum to build leadership, cooperation and resiliency competing in a public space. If you are up to the challenge, join us, and put your skills to the test at one of the many upcoming events.

RCAF Game Force C.O.D.E. Bowl team Captain and tournament MVP, Aviator Mezei.

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What games can I play and when? This Fall/Winter RCAF Game Force will be hosting Hot Lap Challenges, Grand Prix Weekend and kicking off Game Force Public League: Season 2, where participants compete at Forza Motorsport for the chance to win some incredible prizes! Entry is free and open to all CAF members and the Canadian public. GFPL Season 2 drivers will play for a chance to win a Fanatec CSL DD valued at $480!

  • Join the RCAF Discord page here.
  • Follow along on Instagram @‌RCAFGameForce for all of the latest information and your chance to win prizes courtesy of RCAF Game Force sponsors BMO, The Personal, Logistik, Dell Technologies and The Legion.
  • A full tournament and event schedule is also available here.

How serious is the competition?

While the majority of the tournaments and events that RCAF Game Force will host are recreational and open to both CAF members and the public, there is a competitive side of Game Force as well.

In fact, the RCAF Game Force official Warzone Team recently won the 2023 C.O.D.E. Bowl (Call of Duty Endowment Bowl) in Los Angeles, California, where they competed against the UK Air Force, Army and Navy teams as well as the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Space Force teams. It was a HUGE win considering it was Game Force’s first international military competition. RCAF Game Force fielded the first and only female gamer in the competition, Second Lieutenant Roxanne Ibrahim; and Team Captain, Aviator Ryan Mezei took home the tournament MVP award!

RCAF Game Force members celebrating C.O.D.E. Bowl Championship Win.

How healthy are esports and gaming for our CAF members?

While promoting teamwork, belonging and resiliency through healthy levels of participation, RCAF Game Force connects our members through their passion for gaming. Physical fitness and readiness remain the foundation of service in the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canadian Armed Forces, and we recognize the importance of activities that bring our members together in accessible and innovative ways.

Healthy levels of moderate gaming can improve mental acuity, fine motor coordination, and competitive excellence while also encouraging discipline, problem-solving, and the ability to communicate, skills that our RCAF and CAF members utilize in their careers every day.

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