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Military Spouse Appreciation Day

This year marks the 27th year Americans celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Our neighbours to the south created a day dedicated to honouring their “unsung heroes” — military spouses, in 1984. The day was created by then President of the United States, Ronald Regan. He proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Day to be designated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Since its inception, every president since President Regan has supported the day.

In his proclamation last year, President Barack Obama said, “At the heart of our Armed Forces, service members’ spouses keep our military families on track. They balance family life, military life and their careers all the while supporting other military families and giving back to their communities. They are pillars of strength in their families often celebrating their children’s milestones while the other parent is away.”

(Update: read CMF Magazine’s most recent article about Military Spouse Appreciation Day).

SampleLast year, in honour of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, PeaceTags® partnered with several jewelers across America to unveil a special PeaceTag quoting Dr. Maya Angelou, one of America’s most admired writers and civil rights activists. Angelou offered a personalized quote for a custom PeaceTag necklace. Her quote is simple, yet profound. “Peace is more than, and other than, the absence of war. Peace is the permanent presence of goodwill.”

PeaceTags founder, Fredda Golden, created the pendants to be worn in honour of the service of veterans, and as an inspiration for peace and goodwill. The sterling-silver necklaces resemble the I.D. tags traditionally worn by military personnel, and were inspired by the memory of her father who was a veteran. The pendants display timeless quotes from historical and modern-day peacemakers from around the world, and were created to inspire people to think about, talk about and work towards peace.

On the website they suggest the following ways to thank a military spouse:

  • Thank them for serving their country.
  • Invite a military spouse out for a local-sight-seeing tour. She might not know the area and enjoy learning.
  • Don’t assume HE is not a military spouse, Thank the military-husbands too.
  • Offer Free childcare. Watch her children for her. Let her do something on her own.
  • Give her a call! Say Thank-You and find out how her day is going.
  • Take a spouse a cup of coffee or tea
  • Pray for him. Pray for her.

PeaceTags are available in a limited number of retail establishments and can be ordered online at Prices range from $29.95 to $129.95.

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