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Favourite Photo October 25th 2019

On October 23rd, a ceremony was held to commemorate the sailors who died 50 years ago in a tragedy aboard HMCS Kootenay.

Courtesy of the Royal Canadian Navy Facebook page:

Today we paid tribute to the Kootenay family and commemorated 50 years since that day in 1969…Lives were lost, and others were changed forever. Another ceremony was held across the Atlantic at Brookwood Military Cemetery in Woking, UK where four of our men were laid to rest. 




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Michelle Levesque

Fate brought Michelle Levesque to the CMFMAG family and she considers herself lucky be part of the journey of watching the Magazine bloom into greatness. Her motivation comes from working with a strong group of military spouses who are dedicated to providing information about those who support the Canadian military family community. Michelle believes in Cyndi’s mission first and for most and prides herself on being Cyndi’s and the magazine’s champion. “No” is not an option in Michelle’s world. When Cyndi describes the magazine as her “5th child”, Michelle describes herself as “Cyndi’s 5th child’s Nanny”. Michelle is married to Bob, a Combat Engineer Veteran and has 3 grown children, 2 boxers, and 5 cats. With only 1 year in Lahr Germany and 4 years in Oromocto NB, the Levesque’s called Petawawa home. (19 years out of 25 years together.) Now settled in Embrun ON, Michelle works where there is an internet connection. With her infectious enthusiasm, sense of humour and sheer determination to succeed, Michelle excitedly awaits where the CMFMAG goes next!

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