Patient Safety Program Logo Contest

The Canadian Forces Health Services Group is inviting Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members to be a part of the creative process to brand the Patient Safety Program through a logo contest.

The Patient Safety Program was developed to reduce the occurrence of preventable adverse events that could put patients at risk.

“We know that in all healthcare organizations there’s a potential of risk to all patients because of the complexity in health care. There has been a greater focus in the last two decades to focus on improving the system in order to reduce these risks,” said Shoba Ranganathan, Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer.

Ranganathan says that preventable adverse events need to be addressed and the Patient Safety Program takes proactive steps to make sure these types of events do not reach their patients. The program encourages staff and patients to report any incidents that may occur. Reporting helps program administrators to understand why an incident took place and how to prevent it in the future.

Inspired by the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Flight Safety Program’s easily identifiable logo, the Patient Safety Program decided to brand their program through their own logo and to communicate their mission. A concept that Ranganathan believes is important because “just to talk about patient safety is one thing but to fully live and breathe it so that our staff understand that we support that culture of reporting.”

The Health Services Group is looking for a logo that aligns with the Patient Safety Program’s goals, it represents both the medical and dental side, is creative and original, easily identifiable and can easily be reproduced.

So far, Ranganathan has received 16 submissions from across the DND community.

“It puts a smile on my face every time I see a submission because you can see how people have taken on what patient safety means to them especially with their organization. At the end of the day our number one customers are the patients. So, if we can get what this means to them and convey that message, that’s really important,” said Ranganathan.

The submission deadline is Dec. 16. The winning logo is expected to be announced mid-January.

Email submissions at  [email protected]. CAF members can access more information via the DND intranet website.


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