Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum to host Tank Saturday

The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum presents the seventh annual Tank Saturday: Canada at War. The event will showcase 150 years of Canadian military history.

“In the beginning, we would highlight one operational vehicle per event. Today we field 10 to 15 vehicles in historically themed shows,” said Jeremy Blowers, Executive Director.

On July 14, the museum will be open earlier than regularly scheduled, at 10 a.m., giving attendees to visit the museum or experience a ride in a real military vehicle before the main show begins at 1 p.m.

“This month we celebrate Canada and remember those who have served our country over our history by demonstrating the Tanks and vehicles used by the CF from the Second World War to Afghanistan,” said Blowers. “Visitors will enjoy a show that includes classic and iconic Tanks like the M4 Sherman, and modern machines like the Leopard 1 MBT.”

In the beginning, Blowers said they used to see just under 100 people. In the past three years, that number has grown to 800 to 1200 people.

“By bringing history to life and providing a truly tactile experience; where the visitor can see, hear, smell and feel these machines…we are reaching audiences that would usually be beyond the reach of a military history museum,” said Blowers.

Admission fees start at $10 for adults, student/senior for $5, and children under 12 are free. If you are interested in taking a ride in a military vehicle, the M548 Battle Bus is $25, and the M113 APC (tank) is $50. To purchase tickets, visit their event page here.

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