General Panet to celebrate 60-year reunion this May

Although General Panet High School closed its doors in 2015, the spirits of its alumni live on. During the weekend of May 18 to 20, 2018, former staff and students will celebrate the 60-year reunion. This reunion promises to be a special one as General Panet High was torn down after it closed.

“It was a really old building and it was going to cost millions of dollars to update it in terms of everything. It was just too costly to upgrade, and it made more sense to tear it down and build a new building,” said Gary Serviss, co-op coordinator of Valour JK-12 School.

To kick off the reunion, a meet and greet will be held at the Petawawa Civic Centre. In addition, there will be many activities to partake in throughout the weekend, such as golf, horseshoes, mini putt, brunch and a chance to tour Valour JK-12 School.

The school’s last reunion, in 2013, hosted between 700 and 800 people, but Serviss said there’s no real way of telling how many will walk through the door this year. Saying they won’t know for sure until it’s over.

“At a normal high school, it’s all the same people, all grew up together in the same town all went to school together,” said Serviss. “Whereas this is people came in for a couple of years and left, next people came in for a couple of years, left and now they’re spread all over the world… this is like a global gathering of people that had brief little stay at this great high school.”

After the General Panet High was torn down, Serviss managed to save 1000 bricks from the old building and he is selling them for $20 to raise money for the Valour Track and Field program. 

He said there’s no monetary goal in mind, he wants to sell until they’re gone and give back to the Valour track and field team.

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