CIMVHR 2018 wraps up with awards to LCol Suzanne Bailey and Dr Robert Hawes

At this year’s annual Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) Forum, awards were presented to two participants for their presentations.

Lieutenant Colonel Suzanne Bailey was the recipient of the Homewood Mental Health Treatment Award for her presentation “Ten years of Road to Mental Readiness: How the Road of Mental Readiness program has evolved from 2008-2018”, at the 9th annual Military and Veteran Health Research Forum held in Regina on October 15-17 2018.

CIMVHR is an organisation that maximizes the health and well-being of Canadian military personnel, Veterans and their families by facilitating world-class research that results in informed practices, policies and programs.

The annual forum, which was held in Regina Saskatchewan October 15 through 17 this year, attracted over 600 Canadian researchers, clinicians, military personnel, veterans, industry stakeholders, government representative and international delegates keen to learn and network.

Dr Robert Hawes was the recipient of the 2018 Banting Award for his presentation, “Battle Injury, Non-battle Injury and Disease among Canadian Armed Forces Personnel in Afghanistan, 2004-2012: A novel program of operational and population health research.”

“Congratulations to LCol Suzanne Bailey, recipient of the Homewood Mental Health Treatment Award Award, and Dr Robert Hawes, recipient of the Banting Award. These recognitions bring a great sense of accomplishment and demonstrate that our research is recognized and is a contribution to the hard work being done in health research within the department,” says Rear-Admiral Hayden Edmundson, Deputy Commander Military Personnel Command.

Both Edmundson and Colonel Peter Clifford, Deputy Surgeon General, experienced firsthand new research in areas of mental health, physical health, rehabilitation as well as new technologies and evolving treatment programs and clinical practices.

“The Canadian Armed Forces conducts essential military health-related research with partners in other government departments, such as Veterans Affairs Canada, as well as with our allies and academia. The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research and this forum provide a special capability, and an essential contribution to research across the full spectrum of military and veteran health. Much of this research, in particular, in relation to trauma care and mental health, may have relevance to improving the health of all Canadians,” says Colonel Peter Clifford.


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