Bell TPL Fund accepting applications for funding

The Bell: Let’s Talk campaign partnered with True Patriot Love in 2013 to disperse $1 million over four years, supporting projects and programming focused on mental health care within the military community. The end of 2016 brought the chance for a partnership renewal. 

“We were very pleased and proud to renew our partnership with the Bell TPL Fund, we were able to continue with the same work that we started back in 2013,” said Namita Joshi, head of granting and strategic partnerships. “We were able to continue with the same work that we started back in 2013.”

When the partnership was renewed, a second funding category was opened. The first category pays out grants between $5,000 and $25,000, similar to how the first four years of the program were run.

“Preference is given to community-based programs that are able to demonstrate either a collaboration or evidence from mental health organizations or collaboration with a mental health expert that informs some of the program delivery,” said Joshi.

The newly added category will provide funding between $25,000 and $75,000, to organizations who have the potential and capacity to grow nationally. Preference will be given to those who have a successful program and proven track record; have secured the project funding required to launch or expand the program, and are working with an established mental health organization or expert involved as a consultant or delivery of the programming.

“The Bell TPL Fund really addresses the need that exists to support the mental health of serving members, veterans and their families and it’s, in a way, underlies many other components that military families are dealing with,” said Joshi.

The demand for the fund has continued to grow. Joshi added, as more organizations learn about the Bell TPL Fund, the number of applications continues to grow. 

“I think, for us, that is the best indication that the fund is still needed, and the need still exists,” she said. “The demand from the community still exists and we’re certainly here to help fill that as best we can.”

In order to be eligible for the funding, you have to be a Canadian registered charity and serving the military community. Joshi said they recognize there are many civilian programs available and they are welcome to apply, provided they collaborate with a military program on an application.

“We do promote collaborations, so they’re able to partner together and submit one application,” she added.

Funding applications are processed through TPL’s disbursement advisory committee and Joshi added, “Our TPL disbursement advisory committee, which plays a significant role in our decision and review process. The committee is composed of senior leadership with deep experience representing military government, corporate Canada, community programs and academia, and the committee is involved in the review process of all applications, as are our partners at Bell.”

Also saying, they provide a really robust review and insight into the mental health programs across the country.

The application deadline closes July 13, 2018, at 5 p.m. PST. For more information on how you can apply or to find out if your organization is eligible, visit the True Patriot Love Foundation website under the “Get Funding” tab, or by clicking here.

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