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Veterans ban together to create Veterans Party of Canada 

As Canadians line up to cast their vote on Oct. 21, many will see a new political party on their ballot slip this year.

The Veterans Coalition Party of Canada (VCP), registered only in June of this year, is a party comprised of many veterans, first responders, and others looking to depart from the typical Canadian politics.

According to the VCP website, “We are not common politicians, none of us are, nor will we ever be typical career politicians. We were mostly soldiers, first responders, and citizens who served our communities and nation. We swore oaths to defend this nation, and that oath didn’t end when we took off our uniforms, or left community service. While in uniform, we were indoctrinated into the values of integrity, honour, duty, mission before self. We have learned unlimited liability and accountability. Even just one of these values is hard to find in career politicians.”

The party was founded by Randy Joy, a former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member who served for 29 years and has been deployed on several tours, including two to Afghanistan.

“A group of veterans has come together to bring integrity and honour into politics for Canada. We want to set the example and show Canadians what better politicians can and should be,” said Joy on Information Morning, a CBC Radio show on Oct. 3.

The party’s platform, which Joy says was created after speaking to Canadians across the country, consists of just over 20 points and was created to bring Canadians together and not divide them into “subcategories” as Joy puts it.

One of the main issues the VCP is focusing on is care for seniors and changing the Canadian Pension Plan. The party wants to lower the age to receive the CPP to 55 and make it a federally non-taxable benefit. The party proposes to make these changes to CPP by putting a four-year moratorium on international aid.

Many of the party’s policies centre around putting Canadians first and its platform includes putting a two-year moratorium on immigration, which Joy says “should be to fulfill Canadian labour force not necessarily just to bring as many people as possible.”

The party also proposes to review refugee policies and review the UN Compact, which as an agreement on how many refugees Canada will take each year.

As part of its putting Canadians first platform, the VCP hopes to improve relations and to create alliances with the First Nations people, working on programs to end hunger and homelessness and put money into making housing more affordable for Canadians.

The party also has several points geared towards the CAF, including meeting Canada’s commitment to NATO by ensuring the military is provided with the necessary funding, equipment, and training.

The VCP also promises to make changes to the New Veterans Charter and review and repair “every law that the past Liberal government has weakened: Will repeal bills C-48, C-69, C-71 and bill C75.”

For more information on the Veterans Coalition Party of Canada and their platform visit their website here.

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