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Second-best year of drug busts for fall iteration Operation Caribbe

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have wrapped up the 2018 edition of Operation CARIBBE on December 7, 2018. The operation successfully disrupted the trafficking of approximately 17,000 kg of narcotics. 

Working collaboratively with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and US-Led Joint Interagency Task Force South (JIATF-S) over the past year, the CAF directly supported the ongoing multinational campaign to disrupt illicit drug trafficking.

“The success of Operation CARIBBE demonstrates what the Canadian Armed Forces can accomplish when we work with our American partners to undermine criminal entities from distributing narcotics to our communities. The quantity seized this year is significant and a testament to the hard work of our members deployed on this important mission,” says, Lieutenant-General Michael Rouleau, Commander Canadian Joint Operations Command.

Since Operation CARIBBE commenced in 2006, with the US JIATF-S, the Canadian Armed Forces have contributed to the seizure of 102.7 metric tons of cocaine and 6.7 metric tons of marijuana. 

Her Majesty Canadian Ship (HMCS) Edmonton assisted the USCG in the disruption of approximately 8700 kg of cocaine in the eastern Pacific Ocean. HMCS Edmonton has the second highest interdiction totals ever for an individual unit since Canada started participating in 2006.

Although the latest deployment from October to December 2018 concluded on Dec. 7, this year has been the second best year for drug busts on Op CARIBBE. For the fall iteration of Operation CARIBBE, HMCS Edmonton, Nanaimo, and Moncton, along with CP-140 Aurora Long Range Patrol aircraft deployed to regions in the eastern Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, helping to keep narcotics off the streets of North America, and contributing to regional security.

“This ‘Cycle of Justice’ disrupts a ‘Cycle of Crime,’ which left unchecked, fuels violence and instability that corrodes our hemisphere’s social and economic fabric. I stand here today, alongside our Royal Canadian Navy partners, resolved in a shared commitment to protect those threatened by criminals and bring to justice those engaging in these nefarious act,” said Vice Admiral Linda Fagan, U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area commander.

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