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CAF Elite Special Operations Unit Recruiting

Above image: Members of 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment regroup and prepare to mount up in a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV 6) during a simulated assault at Saville Farm in the Wainwright training area, during Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE on May 11, 2022. Photo by: S1 Zach Barr. Image courtesy of Canadian Armed Forces photo.

The Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) elite special operations unit, Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2), is looking for highly motivated military members to apply for Special Operation Assaulter and Assaulter Officers.

“JTF 2 defends the national interest and protects Canadians at home and abroad. Special Operations Assaulters are directly employed in the tactical aspects of special operations and other high value tasks,” stated a CANFORGEN announcing the recruitment for these positions.

The next assessment phase for this position will occur spring 2023.

A Demanding Process

According to the CANFORGEN, the assessment phase is an extremely demanding and difficult process. Therefore, a maximum of three attempts are allowed only. Applicants must be physically, mentally, and personally able to take on the process.

“Files will be evaluated in a competitive process, and not all applicants will be invited to complete subsequent phases.” Successful candidates will be loaded on the Special Operations Assaulter Course in July 2023.

The CAF also warns that maintaining operational security during the process is of utmost importance. “Applicants should refrain from discussing their applications outside of their chain of command, partners, and close family members. This includes avoiding any disclosure on social media.”

A notice of intent is needed at CANSOFCOM no later than Nov. 4, 2022.

Specific requirements are below.

Officer Eligibility Requirements

Requirements for officers wishing to apply for this position are as follows:

  • Rank: SLt/Lt to Lt(N)/Capt must meet Operational Function Point (OFP) in present occupation (i.e., DP1 qualified). See REF A
  • MOSID: any except 00349 CHAP
  • P Res Officers must meet the Reg Force OFP for their present occupation, which may be a higher qualification than the P Res OFP, see REF A
  • Reg F Officers must gain the support of their Career Manager (CM) via the Notice Of Intent (NOI) process.
  • Must meet the minimum medical category for current occupation or be retained without restriction, see REF B. Additionally, all applicants must be free of medical employment limitations which would breach bona fide occupational requirements of assaulter training and employment, including parachuting and helicopter insertion/extraction

NCM Eligibility Requirements

Requirements for NCMs wishing to apply for the position is as follows:

  1. Any NCM MOSID and rank. Note that upon occupation transfer to 00382 SOA (untrained), those holding rank or appointment of MS/MCPL or higher will voluntarily relinquish rank and pay to CPL.
  2. Minimum medical category: 222225
  3. Reg F: must meet the eligibility criteria for voluntary occupation transfer as per REF C, including minimum 24 months continuous service
  4. P Res: no minimum service. Must meet OFP in current occupation.

All Applicants Must:

  1.  Must have successfully completed a force evaluation after Jun. 1, 22, and basic military swim standard after Jun. 1, 21.
  2. For applicants invited to attend ap, the JTF 2 physical fitness pre-selection test will be administered on-site during pre-selection administration. Applicants must ensure they are able to meet the standard prior to attending AP but are encouraged to score as high as possible. Those who do not meet the minimum standard upon arrival for ap will be returned to unit (RTU)
  3. Must hold a minimum security CL LVL II (secret). Those not cleared to LVL II must initiate a clearance request prior to applying
  4. Possess a valid, unrestricted provincial/territorial driver s licence

Questions about the position can be directed to JTF 2 Recruiting and Selection at 1-800-959-9188 OR email here: (PLUS)(PLUS)OTGRECRUIT(AT)CANSOFCOM(AT)OTTAWA(DASH)HULL OR OTGRECRUIT(AT)FORCES.GC.CA.

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