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CAF announces new operational dress regulations

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has announced new operational dress regulations for trade and formation badges on the Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT) uniforms.
A CANFORGEN (Canadian Forces General Order) from the Canadian Army Dress and Ceremonial Committee was released this week detailing that all CAF who wear Canadian Army Operational Dress will be permitted to wear badges or patches indicating their units or formations, and skills/qualification badges. The new dress instructions supersede a directive issued in 1986.

“Recognizing that the Canadian Army Op Dress is work by many as the dress of the day, the Army has developed a plan to increase the wear of formation and speciality skill badges on this uniform,” stated the CANFORGEN. “These new badging initiatives are intended to increase pride in formation and trade skills/qualifications.”
Speciality skill/Army master occupational badges will be available at CANEX stores and may be worn immediately. They become available based on initial scale of issue of one badge per member. Only badges supplied by the CAF supply system or procured commercially at CANEX may be worn on the operational dress.

Authorized badges shall be worn on the Hook and Loop version of the operational dress as follows:
-the Canada flag on the top left shoulder;
-the Division patches on the top right shoulder, along with the brigade badge;
-on the bottom left arm under the Canada flag, members may wear their authorized speciality skill badges (highly visible) as long as they possess the qualification.
The 5A order of dress, which is the full fighting order, may be worn by all ranks in the Canadian Army while they are engaged in operations or training, however, the division patch and brigade badge will not be worn in this dress configuration.

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Sean Chase

Sean Chase is a newspaper journalist with 25 years experience. He also serves in the Canadian Armed Forces as a battery sergeant-major at 42nd Field Regiment in Pembroke, Ontario

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