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In Advance – Tip #22

If you have the luxury of knowing when your family member is going to be away do special things in advance. Today we are carving our pumpkins as my husband is going to be away for Halloween. It will not matter to our kids if our pumpkins rot in the meantime, they just want to continue the tradition of the seasons as a family.

There are a million other things that both my husband and I should be doing today but out of those million, there is only one thing that is of the utmost importance – time with family. If there is some sort of anniversary, birthday, holiday or celebration do your best to squeeze it in before they leave. It is not the date that is important but the traditions and time you spend together as a family.

Here are some things that you could organize before the deployment:

  • Pumpkin carving
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Christmas gift exchange or dinner
  • A birthday
  • An anniversary
  • An Easter egg hunt
  • If your family usually has a Christmas party in December and they are leaving in October have it anyway! Then you can go to other people’s and relax and eat their food during the busy Christmas season!
  • Valentines Day – just plan a romantic dinner and write each other valentines cards

Whatever the special time for your family, celebrate it in advance so that you remind each other of what is important – family.

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