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Flat Rate Boxes: care package option

For those with loved ones deployed overseas, sending a care package is a great way to show our support and share the love over the holiday season. 

However, creating our own boxes can often end up costing a small fortune to send abroad, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, options may be limited in regards to shipping them. 

Most local post offices are offering flat rate boxes, which come in three sizes. 

The flat rate boxes allow senders to include more things in a more cost-effective way. There is no need to calculate shipping rates, as the price of postage is included in the cost of the box – allowing plenty of room to add some Easter-themed holiday treats. However, there is a weight restriction with the boxes as the maximum weight is 5kg.

  • Small box measures 35cm x 26 cm x 5cm – $17.99. 
  • Medium box measures 39 cm x 26 cm x 12 cm – $22.99. 
  • Large box measures 40 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm – $29.99. 

The post office can request large boxes. The boxes are environmentally friendly as they are produced with at least 60 per cent recycled content and 25 per cent post-consumer waste, as well as printed using water-based inks. 

How to get your flat rate box and ship

  1. People can purchase a box from any post office across Canada and due to the current COVID-19 situation, flat rate boxes can now be purchased online in packs of 12 only, and shipped to you. 
  2. Pack a flat rate box without changing its dimensions or shape and secure its contents. Make sure your box doesn’t weigh more than 5 kg. These boxes will not be accepted.
  3. Ship the box from any post office or drop off small boxes in a street letter box. Please note that the delivery standard period starts when the box is first scanned.

What the flat rate box includes

  • Postage
  • High quality shipping box
  • Tracking and on-time delivery guarantee*
  • Up to $100 of liability coverage for loss or damage**

No additional features and options can be added such as additional liability, coverage or signature.

Before military family members send a care package, people should confirm if their loved one will still be deployed as operations are adjusting, with military personnel returning home, along with the COVID-19 affecting operations. 

For more information or to order visit here.

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