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The Unwanted Guest

In our Holiday 2015 Issue Amie Blanchette shared a poem she wrote regarding her dad’s journey with post-traumatic stress disorder.

By Aime Blanchette

You want to know what I did today? Do YOU? I made a Father of three flip out on his young daughter when she asked him for help with her homework; then I made that father drink himself stupid two hours later hahaha. It was a good day for me. That’s what I do you know, cause complete misery, stress, and depression. That’s my job, my purpose. I make unsuspecting naïve families walk on eggshells; I cause unnecessary stress and tears for that family. I destroy their loved ones. I bring them to their break point and make them face the unavoidable fact that nothing is going to change what I do.

That’s not just me, yes I am very good at what I do, but there are others, professionals if you will, now they are good….they are the type who make their family fall completely apart. I will be like that someday, just you wait.

I saw a target about nine years ago, man this guy was perfect for me, he was defending his country out in Yugoslavia, and I decided that this once wonderful, unselfish, kind human being was perfect for me. Sure he was going to be a bit of a challenge to break, but here we are nine years later, and no longer is this person…..a person, no longer is he that wonderful, unselfish kind guy, cuz I’m here, haha, I took over. This guy must hate me so much. Well…actually, he must hate himself….because I’m now a part of him, that’s why you can’t get rid of me. I’ll be around forever, no matter what he does or where he goes I’ll be there, like a 24/7 rainstorm.

As for the family, I’m slowly working my magic on them too, the stress of me being around is enough you know, never knowing when I am going to “act up” or make my next move. They try so hard to cope with me haha, but it doesn’t work. It’s like every day I find a new way to battle them…man…I am good. You want to know the best part about me? No one will ever punish ME, no one will ever see ME, for I live in the body of a once amazing person, and that person is like a shell containing…haha…me.

I am the imposter
The burglar
The unwanted guest
The tears
The pain
I’m the disease





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