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Military kid seeks votes to perform SAR Tech tribute song on Junos

With the help of your votes, Country music artist, Jason Price’s heartfelt song, “That Others May Live,” could be performed at the 2019 Juno Awards.

Price has entered his song, dedicated to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Search and Rescue Community (SAR), into CBC’s national songwriting competition Searchlight.

Price saw it as the perfect opportunity to share the song with more Canadians and raise awareness about what SAR techs do.

“This song is particularly special to me, and I knew it wouldn’t make conventional radio or mainstream radio…but I wanted people to hear it, and I thought Searchlight was ideal,” said the budding Country music star.

If the song wins the competition, Price will have an opportunity to perform it at the 2019 Juno Awards and the song guaranteed to have considerable national exposure through CBC’s programs.

“I hate doing the begging for votes, but this is one I thought ‘yeah I think I’m going to throw my hat in there for this song.’ If it was any of my other songs, I would not have entered the competition. But I decided yup I’m going to make sure people hear it,” noted Price.

“That Others May Live” was the second song Price ever wrote. He was inspired by his father, who served as a SAR pilot.

“I leaned on what I knew, and that was my childhood, and that was my father. My dad’s occupation came to mind, and so I started writing about Search and Rescue,” recalled Price.

He remembers jamming in his basement when the hook came to him before anything else, and the song grew from there.

Price then travelled to Nashville to record to the song, and the rest of his album, which was released in 2016.

He then made it his mission, with the help of his father, to ensure the SAR community heard the song.

“A number of them were happy with it and said it was an accurate picture of what they do,” stated Price.

A YouTube video with real footage of SAR technicians was also made to raise awareness and give back to the community. Price chose not to profit from the video.

In the last year, the song has made a great impact on the SAR community, leading him to be named an honorary member of the SAR Tech Association and it’s one of Price’s most requested songs.

“Your eyes kind of fill up a little because you actually did make an impact with this song and so every time I play it, every time I do it, I try to do it to the best of my abilities because that’s what those guys do on a daily basis. I just feel like it’s a tribute every single time,” said Price.

Price is now working on a second album set to be released sometime this year.

To vote for Jason Price’s “That Other’s May Live” click here to visit CBC website.

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