Legislation Changes to Affect Injured Military Personnel

Changes in legislation may impact benefits and services for medically releasing members. 

Coming into effect on April 1, 2024, “further planned changes” to the 2019 Pension For Life (PFL) Legislation regarding Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) benefits were implemented.  

Impact Benefits and Service Delivery

“These changes may impact the benefits and service delivery to CAF members releasing for medical reasons where the health problem does not result primarily from service. For this reason, it is important that all affected CAF members understand the upcoming changes,” stated the CANFORGEN 034/24. 

Announced in 2018, all medically released veterans who applied for and were approved for VAC’s rehabilitation services and vocational assistance program (RSVP) for health problems not resulting primarily from service in the CAF between Apr. 1, 2019, and Mar. 31, 2024, were provided medical and psychosocial rehabilitation services for these health problems from VAC. 

Health Problems Resulting Primarily from Service 

“Effective 01 APR 2024, only members who apply for RSVP with health problems resulting primarily from service may be eligible to receive medical and psychosocial rehabilitation services from VAC. Members medically released with health problems not resulting primarily from service will now only be eligible to receive medical, psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation services from their CAF LTD Plan (Canadian Armed Forces Long-Term Disability Plan). SISIP financial is the administrator of the plan and Manulife is the insurer. Together, they deliver the program,” noted the CANFORGEN.  

Medically Released Veterans

According to the CANFORGEN, Veterans who were medically released before Apr. 1, 2024, for health problems not resulting primarily from service and are currently participating in RSVP will continue to receive service from VAC, even if their rehabilitation plan extends beyond April 1, 2024. Their rehabilitation services will be provided until their rehabilitation plan is completed or cancelled. 

“Any veteran who experiences a health problem resulting primarily from their military service, which causes a barrier to their re-establishment in civilian life, can apply to VAC’s rehabilitation services and vocational assistance program at any time. If a veteran applies for the income replacement benefit at the same time as the rehabilitation program, they may be eligible for this financial benefit to help support them while they actively participate in the rehabilitation program,” stated the CANFORGEN. 


After April 1, 2024, the Canadian Armed Forces Long-Term Disability Plan (CAF LTD Plan) will be the only medical and psychosocial rehabilitation service provider to CAF members medically released for health problems not resulting primarily from service.

The CAF LTD insurer and providers will offer medical and psychosocial services similar to those available through VAC. 

Seamless Transition

The CANFORGEN closed, noting the CAF has worked closely with VAC, SISIP, and Manulife to ensure a seamless transition. 

If personnel have any questions, they can contact Manulife—CAF LTF and CAF Vocational Rehabilitation Program (CAF VRP) services at 1-800-565-0701. 

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