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Military Spouse’s Foundation Receives Huge Boost as Entertainment Company Announces they will Market and Package Merchandise

The magical world of Natasha’s Wood continues to grow and will be sure to reach more young readers with the recent agreement between Lawless Entertainment LA and author, military spouse and creator of Natasha’s Wood Foundation, Fay Maddison.

Starting October, Lawless Entertainment will package and market Natasha’s Wood in Europe and the U.S. while exploring co-production and publishing opportunities in TV animation, theatre the children’s clothing line.

“As a writer, my previous work has been read in LA by developers at George Clooney, Danny Glover, ICON pictures, Quinton Tarantino, Robert Evans and so many other fine production houses.  This time, I wanted to create something that gave back first,” said Fay Maddison, writer, founder and CEO and President of the Natasha’s Wood Foundation.

Lawless Entertainment is a global brand licensing company and co-producer of children’s storytelling products.

Love of the arts and military community led Maddison to establish the foundation as a way of giving back to the community.

“As a military spouse of 27 years, a businesswoman, a PTSD survivor,  a mom, a writer,  illustrator and a writer, I wanted to create a legacy for the little heroes – the children of those that serve,” explained Maddison.

The first book in the early reader series, for ages newborn and up, is entitled Twiglet’s First Birthday and was published in Nov. 2015. Maddison is currently working on the next picture books of the series, expected to be printed in summer 2017.

“So, if you’re celebrating the birth of a baby or you have a young reader in the family, a grandparent that enjoys reading to their grandchildren –  please consider purchasing the book “Natasha’s Wood and Twiglet’s First Birthday” picture book,” said Maddison.

The writer has invited Canadian youth to be a part of the process and contribute their illustrations to the picture books.

“I believe that by inviting children to illustrate the picture book was a  true way of allowing them to be part of a legacy for children – by children,” commented Maddison.

She is also currently in the process of editing the tween novel adapted from her Natasha’s Wood feature film screenplay. She hopes to release the novel in the next few years.

She created the character Natasha not long after finishing a trilogy of novels and realizing she enjoyed the children’s genre.

“Natasha was to me, an ambassador for our children in military families. A young, bubbly enthusiastic little girl who has a dad in uniform who is constantly away. Sounds familiar to most young military families, right?  Natasha escapes her fears and writes stories and draws pictures about her magical friends. At school she starts a magical Natasha’s Wood club – for all the new kids who have no friends,” stated Maddison.

All the sales from the early reader picture books are gifted back to Natasha’s Wood Foundation as a way of sustaining the organization. Proceeds are also sent to the Office of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services.

The money from the iconic special edition picture books helps to support children’s programs. The Foundation has also just initiated their first Natasha’s Wood Foundation Higher Learning Scholarship.

Maddison has also created a line of t-shirts that capture the Natasha’s Wood characters in a fun and creative manner. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts are also gifted back to the foundation.

“Can you imagine a brand that gifts back based on the storyline of a little girl who has a brave mom or dad in uniform serving our great nation and community? So many films are produced about the ‘uniformed’ member – but does the production actually gift back support to our bravest and best?

“I’ve received some beautiful endorsements from parents. And that’s what makes me so happy,” said Maddison.

Natasha’s Wood Foundation is supported by generous patrons – like YTV/ Tree House, Global TV –  Corus Entertainment,  many generous sponsors, and very astute business community leaders. All Natasha’s Wood Foundation Board members and Ambassador are volunteers.

To learn more about the Natasha’s Wood Foundation, to purchase the early reader book or to read an excerpt from the next picture book Natasha’s Wood and A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt visit the Foundation’s website.


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