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CAF 2015 United Way Campaign kicked off 

With the holidays around the corner, the season of giving is well underway. Members of the Canadian Armed Forces show this spirit of giving by contributing to the fall campaign for the United Way through the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCCWC).

The campaign kicked off in Sept. and runs through till Dec.

Last year alone DND employees, including members of the CAF, raised $4.1 million for charities across Canada. Out of that $4.1 million over $1.6 million was directed towards the United Way Centeraide program.

Close to 14,000 employees and military members took part.

“Military personnel make a lasting investment in their community through United Way Centraide, helping to improve lives in the very place that they live, work and raise their families,” said Nicole Espenant Marketing and Communications Office for United Way.

Centraide is a program that works to improve the quality of life for Canadians across the country, especially those Canadians that are either homeless, single parents, have disabilities or are aboriginals.

The program focuses on three main areas: alleviating poverty by providing employment and skills development, providing affordable housing, access to food and emergency shelter; health by improving access to services; and children by improving access early childhood learning and development programs and provide tools to do better in school.

Centraide achieves these goals by influencing the public and policies, strengthening local networks and engaging community resources. Centraide facilities are available in every province of Canada.

The DND is a longstanding partner of the United Way. They have been recognized for 15 years as one of the organizations that contributes one million or more.

“On behalf of over 100 United Ways Centraides across Canada, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our military personnel and their families. In addition to serving our country, you each act as champions within your local community. By supporting United Way Centraide, you are moving people from poverty to possibility; helping kids be all they can be; and building strong, healthy communities from coast to coast,” said Dr. Jacline Nyman, President & CEO, United Way Centraide Canada

The GCWCC is an opportunity for federal public servants and retirees to contribute in charitable fundraising. The GCWCC boasts that with campaign fundraising fees at 15 per cent or lower which is below the national average of 26 per cent allowing most of the contributions to go directly to helping the community.

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