New Consortium Gives Access to Post-Secondary Education Support to Military, Veteran and Family Members

The recently launched Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campus Consortium will give military members and their families unprecedented access to post-secondary education support.

Created to support Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members transitioning to civilian life, the Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campus Consortium (CMVF3C) “will help facilitate a coordinated approach to obtain college and university educations,” stated a Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) press release.

The CMVF3C, however, will also be accessible to CAF members currently serving Veterans and their families.

“We are forever grateful to Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans and military families for their service. The Family Connected Campus Consortium will provide the military community with crucial post-secondary education and training supports, so that they can reach their personal, academic and professional goals. This consortium will expand CAF training resources, help Veterans transition to new careers, and empower military families with further educational opportunities,” said Minister of National Defence Anita Anand in a statement.

A “First-of-its-Kind Project”

The project is being hailed as a “first-of-its-kind project,” CMVF3C will give these groups easier access to information about post-secondary educational supports.

The underlying objective of the CMVF3C is to serve as a “one-stop shop” for CAF members and Veterans to navigate and access educational resources. A number of post-secondary institutions are part of or are interested in the program.

According to a VAC press release, the project started through a partnership between military and Veterans communities and post-secondary partners, including the University of Alberta. The intuitive began with the University of Alberta, in 2021, launching the Military and Veteran Friendly Campus pilot program.

The Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campuses will focus on providing an environment for the groups to grow in their academic and professional goals.

“The Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) collaboration as a key stakeholder in the Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campus Consortium will contribute to strategic priorities, enhancing ongoing recruitment and retention efforts, increasing opportunities for in-service training and professional development, supporting the well-being of CAF members as they transition to civilian life, while also providing valuable educational opportunities for the families of serving members and veterans,” said Commodore Daniel Bouchard, Commander of CAF Transition Group.

Other Services Offered by VAC

VAC offers a number of services to transitioning CAF members and Veterans to gain meaningful employment outside of the military. These programs include the Education and Training Benefit, Career Transition Services, and Vocational Rehabilitation offerings.

The press release noted VAC’s partnership with the CMVF3C is an example of continued support for Veterans and their families.

“The Government of Canada strongly believes in the importance of equipping Veterans with all the tools they need to find a post-military career that suits them. The Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campus Consortium will help serving members, Veterans, and their families transition to the civilian labour market with updated and in-demand skills. It’s the kind of partnership that can make a real difference,” stated Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence.

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