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Best of Spring 2015-01There are many aspects to think about before taking the big leap into starting your own business. In our Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur program, we offer one-day ‘Introduction to Entrepreneurship’ workshops and seven-day ‘mini-MBA’ boot camps. The program was created by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as it combines two of his life-long commitments to the Canadian Armed Forces and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Your family is a huge part of your decision. It’s a full family commitment. This is why we include spouses in our one-day workshops across Canada.
Do your research. There is so much to think about before starting a business that often the most obvious things are forgotten. Are you thinking of opening up a cafe on your street corner? Make sure that you stand on that corner at different times of the day and look to see if people are actually around. Perhaps someone has started a similar type of business as you and failed. If so what were the factors?
It is very important to have a good network around you and a mentor. Your mentor doesn’t need to be in the exact same business because you can learn from their mistakes and successes. It’s also important to celebrate your achievements with others and share in frustrations together as well. Mentoring is available through our founding partner, Futurpreneur Canada.
For many entrepreneurs, access to capital is number one. Futurpreneur Canada has waived their usual age requirements for financing up to $45,000 for all CAF members and veterans.
Do you really care about your idea? If not, it will fizzle quickly. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have identified a need in the marketplace and fill it or take a current hobby and turn it into a profitable business.
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