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Where did the humans go in Mac Smith’s book Scurry

Well, I have found an interesting new graphic novel series that has really grabbed my imagination. There are only two volumes out so far, and I can’t wait for more – I really want to know what happens next. Really, where did the humans go in the story? What happened to make them disappear?

We found these stories through an unlikely source. My husband is a big fan of Kickstarter and has found some amazing products through it. For those of you who do not know what Kickstarter is, it is an online crowdsourcing platform to help people find the resources they need to create whatever it is they want to create. It could be anything from shoes or pillows to music or books.

We recently received a copy of the books we helped fund a number of months previously. They are the first two volumes of a series called Scurry, by Mac Smith. And I must say, I am impressed. They are stunning. The first in the series is called The Doomed Colony, and the second one is The Drowned Forest. 

The stories revolve around a colony of mice attempting to survive a long, dark winter. There must have been some sort of apocalyptic event as the humans have all disappeared. Whenever the mice search for food, they are stalked and hunted by the feral cats who seem to always be lurking nearby.

There are worse things than the feral cats, though, beyond the safety of their nest. However, when the situation becomes dire, Wix, along with a few other of the bravest scouts, set off on a journey to help their colony survive. 

The stories are well told, and the artwork is dark and beautiful. The illustrations are rich in detail and full of colour. They are very atmospheric, and Smith has managed to capture the personality of each character in his illustrations. The text and imagery combine nicely to tell the story. 

However, there is more than just the story in the books. At the end of each book, there is an afterword from the author – but not just a page of thanks (though there is some of that, too). 

Smith gives more information on each character and discusses the early concepts for those characters. He also demonstrates his drawing process and the work that goes into each illustration. 

Though the first volume only includes a page or two on his process, the second book goes into far more depth. I found this section to be an excellent addition to the story.

Scurry is a great story for anyone who loves a good adventure, with a bit of mystery and danger tossed in. As there are some (mildly) scarier parts, they may not be the best choice for younger kids. If you have never read a graphic novel, then start with this one – especially if you are a fan of dystopian stories.

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