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Military Wives Choir Scores Recording Deal

Members of the Canadian Military Wives Choir (CMWC) were excited to learn they received the opportunity to write a trademark song and have it professionally recorded.

Bryan Ruckstuhl, founder Studio Forces and owner of Shoebox Recording Studio recently offered the National Capital Region choir members the unique opportunity through the Studio Forces program.

“Members are really curious about the actual process of writing a song and making a recording. We are all looking forward to hearing the end product, even though it is some time off yet,” said Debbie Goodleff, public relations manager, CMWC.

Choir members in co-operation with Studio Forces will write a song that represents the spirit of the choir and the military spouses who are members. Bryan Ruckstuhl will then professionally record the choir performing the song, and the choir will use the recording to showcase what members can accomplish while raising the profile of the choral movement as it unfolds across the country.

The hope is that the recorded song will grab the attention of the media and radio. More exposure to the public will lead to the sale of CDs. The dollars raised will be used to encourage more military spouses to start-up or join choirs across the country.

“I got in touch with Bryan shortly after he first announced the Studio Forces program. I saw his announcement on Facebook and thought it was a great idea. I thought it was fantastic that he wanted to help and support military families with this sort of opportunity,” said Goodleff.

Goodleff explained to Ruckstuhl what the CMWC was accomplishing within the community and what they hoped to achieve as a long term goal; growing the movement. It was suggested Studio Forces and CMWC could collaborate in some way in the future. Unfortunately, the Studio Forces prize had already been awarded to country music singer Jason Price.

Then fortunes turned for the CMWC.

Ruckstuhl contacted Goodleff to let her know the artist who had been offered the first Studio Forces recording prize had been offered a chance to go to Nashville to write and record music. Ruckstuhl offered the recording time to the CMWC.

“What’s great about working with Bryan is that he understands us and what military families go through being a military brat himself,” said Goodleff.

At a number of CMWC performances, over the past year, people in the audience have asked Goodleff where they could purchase CDs or recordings. Now, thanks to Ruckstuhl and the Studio Forces program the CMWC will be able to fulfil that need with a quality product.

The CMWC began practicing regularly in Stittsville, Ontario less than two years ago. The choir is based on the tremendous success of the Military Wives Choir movement in the United Kingdom. In a short amount of time the group has grown from 14 to 54 military spouses and has participated in numerous events including a performance in the Senate during the National Day of Honour to mark the end of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

Ruckstuhl, the founder of the Studio Forces music recording contest, is also a military brat. As the owner of Shoebox Recording Studio in Ottawa, he has nearly 20 years of experience in a variety of areas of the music industry. Ruckstuhl was one of the minds behind developing the Big Money Shot program through LiVE 88.5 FM in Ottawa, Ontario. This program has spent millions on Canadian talent, making it one of the biggest development programs in the world.

For more information on the Canadian Military Wives Choir please visit their website.
To learn more about the Studio Forces Program please go to their website.

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