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Book publisher seeks soldiers to share their stories

After the highly successful publication of his book “Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper,” veteran and Canadian military icon Jody Mitic is back at it again. This time, however, he is working on a book that compiles the stories of fellow soldiers.

To make this book, “Canadian Soldier Stories” a success, Mitic is currently seeking submissions from Canadian Armed Forces members of all walks of life.

The “overwhelming” response Mitic and publishing company, Simon and Schuster Canada, received after the release of Unflinching led them to realize that Canadians are interested in their military.

“There is an audience who wants to hear the stories of their Canadian soldiers,” noted Mitic.

He was approached by Simon & Schuster Canada mid-2016 with the idea of a compiling a book that unveiled the story of even more soldiers.

“Canadian Soldier Stories is a collection of first-person accounts from Canadian veterans and active military personnel. We’re excited to bring readers into the day-to-day life of Canadian Armed Forces personnel, helping them tell their stories of danger, bravery, and resilience.” Kevin Hanson, President & Publisher of Simon & Schuster Canada.

Mitic has spent the last two months calling his fellow soldiers to arms and submit their stories. The team is looking for stories about bravery, danger, peril, all the ingredients that make a true soldier. But above all, they’re looking for stories that inspire.

“We’re not looking for biographies. We’re looking for that day, or that engagement, that moment when you went from being an ordinary soldier to being a hero. I know no one wants to be called that, I hate being called that, but we all have our moments,” said Mitic.

He reminds those interested in submitting to ensure the story is about you.

“What did you see, what did you feel, what did you hear, and what decision-making processes were you going through to make you do what you did in that moment,” explained Mitic.

Stories must be 3,500 words or less, about one experience, “start in the action and draw the reader,” and be written from the heart.

Individuals can also nominate people who they believe deserve to have their story told.

The book will comprise of several stories from high-ranking officials, who were in a command situation, but will also go through the ranks and feature stories from non-commissioned members.

Realizing that his brothers and sisters in arms are modest when it comes to their achievements, Mitic encourages them to share their story to engage the public and demonstrate to average Canadians why they should understand them.

“The public wants to hear your stories. The Canadian people want to hear your story and not just Canadians. Canadian soldiers’ reputation internationally is stellar and rock solid and its there for a reason. Let’s talk about ourselves a little bit. Don’t do it for yourself, do it for the next generation. They build on what we leave behind,” stated Mitic.

He believes that by putting their stories out there, it can create a ripple effect in society and help Canadians better understand and support their troops and eventually lead to policy changes in favour of CAF members and veterans.

“I want to do this for my brothers and sisters who all have stories that deserve to be told. Hopefully, I can give the stories respect and tell them in a way that honours those that are in the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Mitic.

To submit your story or see a full list of guidelines click here.

Or give a shout out to Mitic on Twitter @JodyMitic.


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