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Birthday Care Package Ideas

Just because you and your loved one are oceans apart for a birthday this year doesn’t mean you can’t make the day extra special for your military member.

Although deployments can be especially tough for special occasions, care packages are a great way to connect and let your soldier know you’re thinking of them on their special day. So if you’re wondering what to put in your birthday care package, here are some simple and fun ideas to make your loved one’s birthday extra special.

For my husband’s Birthday Care Package, I choose a somewhat bigger amazon box (yes I had to order a big item for myself in order to reuse the box for him…haha).

Taking measurements of the bottom and sides of the box is your first step for the wrapping paper to fit perfectly. I used a regular glue stick to get the wrapping paper on there and it worked out fine by the time it got to him.

Depending what season you are sending packages in can also have an impact on how your goods travel. What I mean by that is that I packed a lot of chocolate type snacks due to him being gone in the winter months versus in the middle of summer. For anyone as obsessed as I am, the Bubble letter Birthday sign is believe it or not from Dollarama!!!

Decorate the box:

To start, get fun with the box and decorate all sides. Choose a theme that reflects their personality or will make them feel extra special. Add messages to the panels, add colour, add glitter, add sparkle, add a picture of a cake, whatever will make the box look fun and festive.

Birthday card:

This seems like a no-brainer, but a special birthday card with a beautiful message can bring a smile to your military member’s face. Make the card more meaningful by getting all your friends and family to sign and send a message.

If your box has room, you can always add a present that your loved one will enjoy overseas, like a good book or game. While you may be tempted to wrap up and send yourself – it’s not advisable as care packages have restrictions on sizes and weight.

Birthday Decor:

A Dollar Store run can do wonders in this department. Throw in some birthday confetti, a banner, a birthday hat, some blowers, anything that will really display the full festivity of the day.
Favourite snacks: Some favourite snacks that your loved one has been craving can be the perfect birthday present. Is it candy, chips, crackers, Pop Tarts? Whatever it is, be sure to throw it in.
Basic Needs: It may not be glamorous, but adding a necessity can be a godsend. Think socks, sunscreen, lip balm, baby wipes, or anything else you know your military loved one really needs.

If Room – Pack a Present:

If your box has room, you can always add a present that your loved one will enjoy overseas, like a good book or game. While you may be tempted to wrap up and send your self – it’s not advisable as shipping packages have restrictions on sizes and weight.

Remember, no matter how you choose to decorate and stuff your birthday care package, it will surely brighten your military member’s special day! And don’t forget it might take a couple of weeks or months for the package to arrive. So maybe indicate an open date on the package.

Visit here for more information regarding weight, shipping instruction and size.

Happy care package planning!

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