Ukraine Set to Receive First of 50 Armoured Combat Support Vehicles (ACSV)

Ukraine will receive its first batch of Canadian-made Armoured Combat Support Vehicles (ACSVs) within the coming days, following up on promises to deliver 50 new ACSVs to the Eastern European country.

The four vehicles set to depart for Europe soon are part of a fleet of state-of-the-art armoured vehicles that Canada promised to donate to Ukraine during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Canada last fall.

Canada will invest over $650 million over three years to provide Ukraine with 50 Armoured Combat Support Vehicles.

“Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine is also an attack on the right of all nations to choose their own future. Ukraine must win this war – and Ukraine can count on Canada’s support until its victory. Canada is proud to be providing Ukraine with a new fleet of state-of-the-art armoured vehicles to protect its brave military personnel. I thank all the workers in London, Ontario, who built these vehicles for Ukraine’s Armed Forces,” said Bill Blair, Minister of National Defence.

The first ten of the 50 ACVS Canada is donating will be of the ambulance variant. The particular vehicles are designed bearing medical equipment and a layout allowing military members injured in the theatre to be treated effectively. Image cmfmag.ca.

The Ambulance Variant

According to the Department of National Defence (DND), the first ten of the 50 ACVS Canada is donating will be of the ambulance variant. The particular vehicles are designed bearing medical equipment and a layout allowing military members injured in the theatre to be treated effectively.

According to DND, 10 vehicles will be delivered to Ukraine by the fall. This summer, members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be trained to use these vehicles.

The remaining 40 vehicles will provide Ukrainian soldiers with a variety of other features and functions, including transportation and safe command and control locations.

At Garrision Petawawa a military member show members of the media how the Armoured Combat Support Vehicles (ACSV) ambulance variant works.

General Dynamics Land Systems Canada

Canadian workers in London, ON, built the vehicles.

“Here in London, the hundreds of Canadian workers at General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada do incredible work to equip the Canadian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Our community is proud to contribute these vehicles to Ukraine – and we stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian troops fighting bravely to defend their sovereignty,” said Peter Fragiskatos, Member of Parliament for London North Centre.

Fragiskatos visited General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada this week on behalf of Minister Bill Blair to see the initial vehicles being sent to Europe and to thank the workers.

“General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada is proud to support Canada’s Armoured Combat Support Vehicles donation to Ukraine. General Dynamics has produced light-armoured vehicles for Canada and its allies for over 47 years. These London-made vehicles sustain a cross-Canada supply chain of over 600 suppliers, and support thousands of well-paying middle class Canadian jobs,” said Jason Alejandro Monahan, Vice President and General Manager, General Dynamics Land Systems–Canada.

Image has been digitally altered due to operational security. Ukrainian recruits under the supervision of Canadian soldiers from 1 Combat Engineer Regiment practice searching for and identifying booby traps, during Operation UNIFIER on 28 January 2023 in the United Kingdom. Please Credit: Corporal Eric Greico, Canadian Armed Forces Photo.

Canadian Support for Ukraine

This is not the first fleet of ACSVs Canada has donated to Ukraine. Canada has already donated and delivered 39 vehicles to Ukraine.

Since the war began between Russia and Ukraine, Canada has pledged ongoing support through financial donations and military equipment.

Since February 2022, Canada has committed $14 billion in total assistance, with $4 billion in military assistance.

The press release noted several donations made by Canada, including:

  • Leopard 2 battle tanks,
  • anti-tank weapons,
  • M777 howitzers,
  • artillery ammunition,
  • winter clothing,
  • and more.

Canada also continues to train Ukraine’s soldiers under Operation UNIFIER and, specifically, train pilots and maintainers to support the fleet of F-16 fighter jets Ukraine is expected to receive.

In nearly a decade, Canada has trained more than 41,000 members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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