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Above image: Canadian Armed Forces personnel step off a Boeing CC-177 Globemaster at the Danylo Halytskyi International Airport in L’viv, Ukraine, on August 25, 2015 marking the beginning of Operation UNIFIER, Canada’s military training mission in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. OP UNIFIER – DND, Joint Task Force Ukraine.

The search is currently on for Canadian Special Operations Forces Command’s (CANSOFCOM) latest batch of Special Operations Assaulters, Special Operations CBRN Operators, and Special Forces Operators.

Additionally, CANSOFCOM is also searching for personnel to fill the newly created officer positions affiliated with the operator positions—namely, Assaulter Officer, CBRN Op Officers, and SF Op Officers.

“CANSOFCOM provides the Government of Canada with agile, high-readiness Special Operations Forces capable of conducting special operations in defence of Canada both at home and abroad. This is accomplished through our three operator occupations and the newly established officer equivalents,” CANFORGEN 137/23 stated.

What do CANSOFCOM Special Operators do?

Each CANSOFCOM Operator and Operator Officer has a distinct role within the organization. For example, Special Operations Assaulters (SOA) and Assault Officers are responsible for conducting a variety of special operations and counter-terrorism tasks, according to the CANFORGEN.

Special Operations CBRN Operators (CBRN OP) and CBRN OP Officers provide technical expertise that assists forces in fighting against complex, adaptive, and emerging threats across the Special Operations Forces missions and operations.

The job of conducting precise offensive action, gathering intelligence and mentoring and advising international partners is assigned to Special Forces Operators (SF OP) and SF OP Officers.

Who is eligible

According to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the following criteria is a requirement for all those looking to apply for an operator position:

  • Any MOSID and rank is acceptable;
  • SOA/Assaulter Officers must meet medical category 222225, CBRN OP/Officer 313225, and SF OP/SF OP Officers must meet medical category 223225.
  • Regular Force members must meet eligibility criteria for voluntary occupation transfer, including a minimum 24 months continuous service;
  • Primary Reserve no minimum service and must meet OFP in current occupation.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed a Force Evaluation after June 1, 2023, for SOA/Assaulter Officer.
  • CBRN OP/ CBRN OP Officers should have completed a basic military swim standard after June 1, 2022.
  • Must hold a minimum security CL Level II. Those not cleared must apply for the clearance level.
  • Have valid unrestricted driver’s license.

Additionally, applicants must successfully complete the pre-selection physical fitness evaluations for the respective job they are applying for. Details on what physical fitness evaluations are required for each operator job are available in CANFORGEN 137/23.

Next steps

Those wishing to apply for one of the positions should send a notice of intent to CANSOFCOM as soon as possible.

Additionally, Regular Force NCMS and Officers must apply for VOT files. Detailed instructions on how to apply and where to submit these files is listed in CANFORGEN 137/23.

Completed applications and required documentation should be sent to CANSOFCOM Unit Recruiting and Selection by Jan. 12, 2024.

For specific deadline dates based on local offices, visit:  BECOME A SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCES PROFESSIONAL through the DWAN.

According to the CANFORGEN, AP is “extremely demanding and difficult,” and only a maximum of three attempts to apply are permitted. Re-attempts are judged on a case-by-case basis.

Those who successfully complete the process will be loaded on the respective CANSOFCOM sub-unit course beginning summer 2024.

Those applying for any of these operator positions must maintain operational security and cannot discuss their applications outside of their chain of command and close family.

Questions can be directed by phone: 1 800 959 9188 or by email: (PLUS)(PLUS)OTGRECRUIT(AT)CANSOFCOM(AT)OTTAWA(DASH)HULL OR OTGRECRUIT(AT)FORCES.GC.CAfor SOA/Assaulter Officer Applicants.


For SF OP/SF OP Officers, contact 1-800-262-1507 OR VIA EMAIL AT CSOR.RECRUITING(AT)FORCES.GC.CA .

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