CAF issues CANFORGEN updating this year’s Remembrance Day Sentry Program

Due to the current and evolving COVID-19 situation, the Remembrance Day Sentry Program will not be feasible as initially announced at Reference A. CANFORGEN 108/20 CMP 058/20 261500z Aug 20.

In order to keep Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, families, support staff, and others safe in these unprecedented times, the following changes are required for the 2020 Sentry Program:

Force generators have identified local personnel, and the Canadian Armed Forces Chief Warrant Officer (CAF CWO) prior to selections being announced, will review these files.

Funding requirements and instructions for travel are no longer required. Any expenditure already made are to be processed through unit admin cells.

Participants selected will not be permitted to be accompanied by a guest.

Program dates at Ref A are no longer valid. The revised schedule will be promulgated at a later date and will be provided to selected sentries.

These changes, due to COVID-19 considerations, will not diminish our commitment to remember our fallen.



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