Additional Eligibility Lists for Certain Medals Approved

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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recently approved additions to the eligibility lists for certain service medals.

This approval comes from the direct guidance of the Chief of the Defence Staff, in consultation with the AFC, according to a recent CANFORGEN.

Service medals impacted by these latest changes include the Operational Service Medal – Expedition (OSM-EXP) and Special Service Medal – Expedition (SSM-EXP).

Special Service Medal – Expedition (SSM-EXP).

The Operational Service Medal-Expedition

According to CANFORGEN 038/23, CAF and Defence Team members deployed to Ukraine “in direct support of Operation UNION” qualify for the OSM-EXP. Operation UNION has taken place since July 2022.

This medal only qualifies for those who were in Ukraine’s national territory, with the exception of Crimea, Donbas, and Luhansk Oblasts. Those who supported Operation UNION from other locations outside of Ukraine qualify only for SSM-EXP.

Operational Service Medal – Expedition (OSM-EXP).

Special Service Medal – Expedition

Members of the Defence Team deployed to various NATO Countries in direct support, on a full-time basis, of Operation UNION qualify for this medal.

This medal is also extended to those who deployed to Ghana in direct support of Operation PRESENCE (ELSIE) since November 22, 2021, and those deployed to Nairobi in direct support of Task Force Nairobi from Dec. 15, 2013, to August 31, 2014.

Additionally, the CANFORGEN notes that CAF members, including aircrew, deployed to Kingston, Jamaica, in direct support of Operation RENAISSANCE in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in 2019 qualify for the SSM-EXP.

Those deployed to the Bahamas as part of Operation RENAISSANCE credit those days spent in the Bahamas towards the OSM-HUM.

More Information

For information on full criteria, as well as, complete eligibility lists, can be found on the Directorate of Honours and Recognition website here. For more information on SSM- visit here and for more information regarding the OSM-EXP medal visit here.

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