Commanding Officer Appointments for 2021 APS

Above image: courtesy of the CAF/DND. 

On December 20, 2020, the Canadian Army Commanding Officer Lieutenant General Wayne Eyre announced the Commanding Officer appointments for the 2021 active posting season (APS).

2021 APS Commanding Officer Appointments:

(1) 12 RBC, CO, LCol N. Lussier-Nivischiuk
(2) LdSH(RC), CO, LCol M.J.D. Mallette
(3) RCAC School, CMDT, LCol S.A. Fowler
(4) 5 RALC, CO, LCol M.J.M. Morin
(5) RCA School, CMDT, LCol J.A. Phillips
(6) 2 RCR, CO, LCol M.A. Blanchette
(7) 3 RCR, CO, LCol M. Sheppard
(8) 1 PPCLI, CO, LCol C.M.G Higgins
(9) 2 PPCLI, CO, LCol J.A. Van Eijk
(10) 1 R22ER, CO, LCol J.D. Richel
(11) 1 CER, CO, LCol K.R. Grimsrud
(12) 5 CER, CO, LCol L-F. Gilbert
(13) CFSCE, CMDT, LCol B. Ali
(14) 2 CDN Div TC, CMDT, LCol F. Perreault
(15) 4 CDN Div TC, CMDT, LCol C.S. Gardner
(16) 5 CDN Div TC. CMDT, LCol A.D. Anderson
(17) CAAWC, CMDT, LCol J.T.E. Kenney
(18) 1 SVC BN, CO, LCol J. Boland
(19) 2 SVC BN, CO, LCol J.G.F. Dionne
(20) 5 SVC BN, CO, LCol D. Fontaine
(21) 5 CDSB Ops Svc, CO, LCol C.A. Gillis
(22) 5 CDSB Sig Svc, CO, Maj K.J.L. Turner
(23) 5 CDSB Pers Svc, CO, LCol G.R. White
(24) 2 CDSB Pers Svc, CO, LCol M. Arsenault
(25) 2 CDSB Tech Svc, CO, LCol J.F.S.J.F. Dorais (January 2021)
(26) 4 CDSB Ops Svc, CO, LCol F.H. Gould
(27) 4 CDSB Pers Svc, CO, LCol P. Locatelli
(28) 4 CDSB Tech Svc, CO, LCol A.R. Mills
(29) 3 CDSB Ops SC, CO, LCol S.A. Thompson
(30) 3 CDSB Pers Svc, CO, LCol V.F. Hayward (January 2021)
(31) CFB SUFFIELD, CO, LCol S.C. Burke
(32) CFB SHILO, CO, LCol C.A. Wood
(33) 5 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn, CO, Maj G. Asslo

LGen W.D. Eyre congratulated those who were appointed.

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