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Welcome to our #SightSeeingSunday page. Every week we share a photo from around the world! So check back often to see our #SightSeeingSunday photos! Where we are travelling from the comfort of our home.

Mitchell River National Park, Australia

The glorious Mitchell Falls cascade over layered sandstone formations in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Located in Australia’s northwest, Mitchell Falls is considered one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country, as it is located in one of the country’s most remote and pristine regions. Formed by the Mitchell River carving into the sandstone, the falls are renowned for several reasons, including their natural beauty, remote location, cultural significance, biodiversity, and tourist experience.

Have a marvellous Sunday!

Iseltwald, Switzerland

Our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week transports us to one of the most breathtaking places in Switzerland: the village of Iseltwald. Nestled on the southern shore of Lake Brienz, in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, Iseltwald captivates with its stunning castle from the Middle Ages, quaint town, and crystal-clear waters. It’s a place that inspires wanderlust and is a must-see on any travel list.

Have a great Sunday!

Cathedral Grove, B.C.

A fairytale-esque boardwalk winds through the red cedar trees of MacMillan Provincial Park in British Columbia for our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. This week’s image features the old forest at Cathedral Grove of the breathtaking MacMillan Provincial Park, located between Qualicum Beach, BC, and Port Alberni, BC, on Vancouver Island.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Dating back to the 18th century, the famous stone bridge of Ronda, Andalusia, Spain, sits stoically in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Known as the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), it connects the old and new cities. The bridge took 35 years to build, spanning the 120-metre-deep (390 ft) canyon. It is a popular tourist attraction.

Have a great Sunday!

Nitmuluk National Park, Australia

The Katherine River cuts through the Nitmuluk National Park in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. The gorge featured here is just part of a 13-gorge system in the National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Vrbnik, Croatia

A stunning view of the iconic village of Vrbnik, Croatia, glows in a summer sunrise for our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Vrbnik, Croatia, is located on the island of Krk Island and is separated from the mainland by the Vindol Channel.

Have an amazing Sunday!


What can only be described as heaven on earth is actually the Maletsunyane Falls near the town of Semonkong, Lesotho seen here in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. The Maletsunyane Falls is on the continent of Africa and offers incredible panoramic views, surrounded by lush gardens, a delight to the eye for any visitor.

Have a great Sunday!

Toledo, Spain

Captured in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week is a vertical dusk view of the historic city of Toledo, Spain. The image features the Puente de Alcántara, an ancient Roman arch bridge located in front of the eastern city gate.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Lucerne, Switzerland

Shimmering in the Reuss River reflects the iconic Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland, in our #SightSeeingSunday picture of the week. Originally built in 1365, the bridge contains interior paintings dating back to the 18th century.

Have a happy Sunday!

Lake Bonney, Australia

A crystal clear sky offers picturesque views of the stars at Lake Bonney in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Located in southern Australia, Lake Bonney is a popular site for locals to enjoy a variety of water sports.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Liguria, Italy

This week’s #SightSeeingSunday features one of the smaller popular Cinque Terre villages, the Manarola Village in Liguria, Italy. Altogether, the five villages, the coastline and the surrounding hills are part of the Cinq Terre National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wishing you are restful Sunday!

Le Mont Saint-Michel, France

Like an image from a fantasy novel, the famous Le Mont Saint-Michel dazzles in our #SightSeeingSunday image of the week. Located in Normandy, France, Le Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Poznan, Poland

Brightly lit cafes welcome visitors on a summer evening in Poznan, Poland, in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland

A breathtaking aerial view of a train passing through the Landwasser Viaduct in Switzerland is this week’s #SightSeeingSunday picture. Built in 1902, the Landwasser Viaduct is a single six-arched curved limestone railway viaduct that spans the Landwasser, a river, between Schimitten and Filisur. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers spectacular views to those who traverse it.

Wishing you a fantastic Sunday!


Victoria, British Columbia

The scenic and charming Butchart Garden in Victoria, British Columbia, is featured in our #SightSeeingSunday photo of the week. Pictured here is the ladder in the Sunken Garden.

Have a great Sunday!

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