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A new milestone for Operation Veteran

Last Friday Operation Veteran celebrated a new milestone, 11,000 free meals distributed to veterans visiting the Canadian War Museum since the launch of this collaboration, seven years ago.

This singular program is particularly appreciated as it engages students and teachers across the country, which plan and organize fundraising activities in their local communities for proceeds to be used to offer meals to all veterans visiting the museum.

“Operation Veteran is such a beneficial program because of how it encourages dialogue between generations, and how it inspires students to contribute in a positive way while raising their awareness of their elders’ sacrifices,” said Dr. Paul Kavanagh, who established the program in association with the Canadian War Museum in 2009. “I am immensely proud and gratified to see this program’s enduring success and influence on the lives of Canadians young and old.”

“We are thankful to the many school communities across Canada who support Operation Veteran through their fundraising,” said Stephen Quick, Director General of the Canadian War Museum. “Everyone who participates benefits. Veterans receive respect, recognition and a token of appreciation, while young people learn about their country’s history and gain an appreciation for the dedication of the men and women who have served our country.”

Remembrance Day was an occasion for 180 students and their teachers, from 26 schools in 4 provinces, to travel to Ottawa to visit the museum meet with veterans and pay their respect to them and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Veterans who visit the museum are offered a voucher for a free meal at the box office as well as free access to the museum. The idea is that there would not be any costs for veterans to visit the museum.

Featured image: Paul Kavanagh speaks with veterans Jerry Bowen and Nelson Langevin at the Canadian War Museum.
Canadian War Museum, CWM2011-0087-0013-Dp1


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Genevieve Trudeau Senecal

Genevieve Trudeau Senecal is a military wife, mother of two beautiful little boys and active member of the military family community in Valcartier, Quebec. Genevieve has a Bachelor in Journalism from Concordia University (Montreal) and has studied at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. She has worked several years as a journalist in sports car racing (Montreal) and as a radio host & journalist (near Bagotville) before marrying into the military in 2013. She is now a stay-at-home-mom and volunteers many hours weekly at the Valcartier Family Centre. Geneviève Trudeau Senécal est une femme de militaire, maman de deux merveilleux petit garçons et membre active de la communauté militaire de la base militaire de Valcartier, Québec. Geneviève est détentrice d'un baccalauréat en journalisme de l'Université Concordia (Montréal) et a étudier à l'école des médias et du journalisme du Danemark (DSMJ). Elle a travaillé plusieurs années comme journaliste en sports automobiles (Montréal) ainsi que comme animatrice et journaliste radio (près de Bagotville) avant de se marier en 2013. Elle est maintenant maman à la maison et bénévole active du Centre de la famille de Valcartier.

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