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Moving Checklist

Getting ready to move can be stressful! Here is a checklist to help you stay focused and organized.

Six to Eight Weeks Before Your Move

  • If renting, notify your landlord by registered mail within the prescribed deadline of your intention to move or give notice to CFHA at least 30 days prior to moving
  • Contact MFRC in new location to get welcome/information package
  • Start using up things that you cannot move like cleaning supplies and frozen food
  • Make a list for change of address
  • Complete Canada Post change of address form
  • Get copies of or arrange to transfer all school, medical, dental, veterinary, legal and accounting records
  • Update your resume
  • Contact insurance agent to transfer or cancel coverage
  • Get rid of anything you don’t use any more

Four Weeks Before Your Move

  • Contact all current and new location utility companies to set connect/disconnect dates
  • -Gas
  • -Water
  • -Hydro
  • -Cable/Satellite
  • -Phone
  • -Internet
  • -Cellular Service
  • Make arrangements for relocation of pets
  • Transfer or resign club or association memberships
  • Send letter of introduction to your new Church, clubs, bank, etc.
  • Cancel service of cleaning person, pool maintenance, lawn service and snow removal
  • Return anything you have borrowed, collect anything you have loaned
  • Transfer bank accounts and safety deposit box
  • Arrange for house cleaning and carpet cleaning

Three Weeks Before Your Move

  • Isolate items travelling with you
  • -Clothing
  • -Jewellery
  • -Important papers
  • -Valuables
  • -Irreplaceable items
  • Make travel arrangements for family, allow for unexpected delays
  • Arrange moving day childcare and book childcare at new location MFRC for move in day

Two Weeks Before Your Move

  • Service car(s) for trip

One Week Before Your Move

  • Pack personal luggage, enroute and destination items separately so they don’t get packed on the moving truck
  • Fill any necessary prescriptions needed for the next 2 weeks
  • Cancel newspapers and any other subscriptions/deliveries
  • Farewells (give new address and phone number)
  • Remove pictures from walls and fill holes

Day Before Your Move

  • Remove batteries from toys and appliances
  • Get electrical appliances ready to move
  • Defrost and clean fridge and stove
  • Dispose of flammable items that can’t be moved
  • Give away plants and perishables
  • Set aside special toys such as a favorite teddy and activities for trip and hotel stay
  • Clean recycling and compost bins if they stay with the house

Packing Day

  • Show the movers in, give them instructions and point out any fragile items
  • Give movers labeled Ziploc bags to add screws from disassembled furniture, include a photo of what the furniture looks like assembled or assembly manual
  • Put together a set up box with tools, paper towels, hand soap, toilet paper, duct tape, phone, TV remote and parts from disassembled furniture
  • Keep personal luggage away from movers, perhaps load your vehicle
  • Keep a shopping list for the first day in your new home
  • Remove trash
  • Plan on spending the whole day at the house with the movers
  • Turn down heat
  • Have necessary tickets, travel documents and money with you

Loading Day

  • Inventory all goods being loaded
  • Final walk through house, garage, shed and yard to make sure it is empty; check inside cupboards, closets, corners and behind doors
  • Read the meters
  • Lock the doors and windows and leave key with the real estate agent or landlord


  • Stay with movers and check all inventory being unloaded
  • Loss/damage verification
  • Read the meters
  • Change locks

By- Denise Rochat

**This checklist was originally published in our March 2014 issue**

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